Gift curation: Which Japanese Beauty Tool ?

The year-end festivities are approaching, and what could be more delightful than giving the gift of beauty to your loved ones? Japanese beauty tools stand out for their ingenuity and effectiveness. Explore our detailed curation to guide you towards the perfect gift that will make your loved ones' skin radiant.


To play it safe, turn to the Slim Cera Plus+, a mechanically operated roller with baffling ease of use. Specially designed to improve skin texture, reduce fine lines, tighten pores, and increase elasticity, it adapts to all skin types, except for acne-prone skin. Our number one bestseller, acclaimed for its simple and daily effectiveness that ensures luminous and plump skin.

Slim cera plus+

Photo PLUS - The Star of Social Media

The Photo PLUS is a 5-in-1 device offering a complete care experience. Integrating six technologies such as radiofrequency, ion cleansing and hydration, EMS, red LED, and cryotherapy, it may take a little longer to master. However, its impressive cleansing mode makes it a social media star.

Please note that it is not recommended for individuals with heart conditions, pregnant individuals, or those using medical devices.

Photo PLUS
450 €

WAVY mini and WAVY YA MAN 

Miracle Lifting Rollers

For those concerned about facial sagging, whether it's in the brows, cheeks, or jawline, drainage and EMS devices like WAVY and WAVY mini prove to be miraculous gifts. Operating on battery and on damp skin, these devices deliver impressive results in terms of facial lifting and sculpting with a recommended use of 10 minutes every two days.

However, they are not suitable for individuals with heart conditions, pregnant individuals, or those using medical devices.

WAVY mini


230 €



 Difference between WAVY and WAVY mini: WAVY is larger with wider rollers highly effective on the jawline and a stronger EMS mode for body use. WAVY mini has smaller rollers and a microcurrent mode suitable for the eye area. WAVY is waterproof and can be immersed in water, while WAVY mini is only splashproof.

Fascial Release Roller and Pen

The Peak of Innovation


For enthusiasts of natural and mechanical methods, advanced Japanese tools are a must. The EKATO. roller with its 270 needles provides a pleasant sensation across the body, from the scalp to the neck. Promoting overall relaxation of the body's fascia and drainage of heavy legs, it captivates with its ease of use and generous sense of well-being it imparts.

230 €

Face Pointer

The myofascial release pen Face Pointer is a jewel cherished by the most seasoned facialists. Stimulating the skin up to 2.5 cm deep, it ensures effective drainage to de-puff the face and release the fascia responsible for skin sagging. More technical than the EKATO roller, it is intended for an informed audience.

185 €

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