Our mission is to introduce the Japanese well-being lifestyle to the European public through the fundamental concept of beauty « 美 » (bi in Japanese).

The character 美 symbolizes a truly holistic approach which seeks not only to unveil beauty on the surface but also to bring it out by cultivating the sense of beauty buried deep within us, awekening all our senses.

We thus wish to deliver our own interpretation of the world of beauty « 美 » (bi) and Japanese sense of aesthetic. Our goal? Get the Japanese Glow!

This includes inner beauty as much as organic beauty, traditional skincare, healthy gastronomy, nail art, innovative accessories from cutting-edge technologies and traditional handcrafted tools...
One cannot imagine the incredible number of Japanese beauty brands unknown to the international public whose products are full of ingenuity!

Following the success of the various editions of the Bijo; pop-up store (at the Japan Store Isetan Mitsukoshi in the Paris House of Culture of Japan and more recently at Le Bon Marché - Rive Gauche 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022), we now propose our online selection all year long on the bijo.paris website, at the Japanese Beauty Bar of Le Bon Marché - Rive Gauche and at Biën; the Japanese Concept Store !

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