Three Japanese essentials to harmonize your lifestyle

Trois essentiels nippons pour harmoniser votre rythme de vie

The secret of longevity of Japanese people? A carefully studied art of living, healthy eating and relaxing rituals that harmonize body and mind while boosting the immune system. Through this article we share with you 3 rituals easy to integrate into your routine to bring a little zen to your daily!


In Japan, incense is not only used to perfume the interior. Most Japanese people burn incense daily to create a relaxing place to step out of the hectic world and unwind while reading or of meditation.

incense kohchosai kosuga

The 10 virtues of incense are also well known among Japanese:

It brings communication with the transcendent

It refreshes mind and body

It removes impurity

It brings alertness

It is a companion in solitude

In the midst of busy affairs, it brings a moment of peace

When it is plentiful, one never tires of it 

When there is little, still one is satisfied

Age does not change its efficacy

Used every day, it does no harm

Traditional Japanese incense is made from natural aromatic essences, fragrant bark and resins. The quality of an incense is evaluated by the quantity of smoke  produced by its combustion. High-quality incense, like the one made by Kohchosai Kosuga, subtly scents the room with smoke Imperceptible to the eye.

Nowadays, incense is also appreciated in the form of a candle whose dancing flames deliver a unique sparkle favourable for relaxation.

Brass incense holder

Green tea

Green tea is one of the main sources of longevity for Japanese people, reputed to be effective in preventing diseases (especially certain cancers and strokes), it is very beneficial for the immune system and improves memory.

It is also the Japanese beauty drink! Energizing, it is rich flavonoid polyphenols and catechins, powerful antioxidants which give it purifying, toning and anti-inflammatory properties.

Beyond its benefits for the body, Japanese green tea also takes care of the mind since it is traditionally enjoyed in the greatest calm and invites to escape the outside world.

Bijo;'s teas

We've created our own organic teas, to make your mornings and your afternoons better !

Our sencha blend is designed as a morning tea. To the vegetal and iodised tones of sencha, a vitalising japanese green tea, we associated yuzu peel, lemongrass, getto and loquat leaves, four refreshing herbs with antioxydant properties. From the second infusion, this green blend blooms into a fresh acidulated beverage.

Our Hojicha blend is designed as an afternoon tea. To the toasty and slighty caramel-like flavor of Hojicha, a low in caffeine japanese roasted tea, we associated rooibos, mulberry and persimmon leaves, three soothing herbs with antioxydant properties. From the second infusion, this bronze blend evolves into a woody flowery beverage.

Bijo; - Organic beauty tea AM, Morning glow Bijo; - Organic beauty tea PM,
Afternoon flow

Bath ritual

In Japan, bathing is much more than a simple hygienic act: it is a moment of relaxation beneficial to the health of the body. Every evening, two hours before bedtime, the Japanese take a bath about 10 minutes at around 39 degrees to boost their immune system. They decorate it with purifying bath salts or bath infusions which boast many benefits for the skin, muscles and joints.


Here are some plants praised by Japanese and their virtues:

 Yuzu: yuzu leaves contain citric acid which relaxes muscles, heals aches and prevents fatigue.

Jasmine: jasmine leaves have emollient and moisturising properties, and are particularly suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

Peach leaves: peach leaves have moisturizing, anti-bacterial and astringent properties. They are effective against dermatitis, eczema and acne. Japanese people have been using it for a very long time in their bath during the summer.

Rice bran: rice bran contains amino acids, vitamins B and E, which hydrate and soften the skin.

Mandarin: Japanese mandarin leaves relieve rheumatism, nervous pain and body aches.

Green tea: green tea leaves contain of the catechins which eliminate active oxygen derivatives such as free radicals, prevent skin aging and prevent the proliferation of bacteria that cause body odour.

Peppermint: mint leaves have anti-inflammatory properties, active perspiration and lower the fever.

sel de bain HIBA
bath salts HIBA
infusion of bath
towel exfoliante washi

February 14, 2022