Photo PLUS Prestige S


The Photo PLUS Prestige S is exclusively sold at Bijo Beauty Bar; at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche Paris 7th from April 2nd

The Complete At-Home Facial Care  - Photo Plus Prestige S is an innovative skincare device that combines several cutting-edge technologies with professional-grade Radio Frequency. With its multiple advanced functions, it addresses a variety of skin concerns, offering visible and long-lasting results.

For what type of skin problem:

This product is the ideal solution for those struggling with a range of skin issues, such as severe dryness, enlarged pores, stubborn blackheads, and signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines, as well as facial sagging.

YĀ-MAN is the specialist in beauty device manufacturing, leading the industry for over 40 years.

Radio Frequency 3 MHz

At the heart of this device lies the 3 MHz radio frequency, which penetrates deeply into the skin layers to stimulate collagen production. With deeper action than the 1 MHz frequency, this technology specifically targets skin issues at the dermal level, providing more effective and long-lasting results.

Explanation of Radio Frequency efficacy on skin collagen:

Radio frequency works by heating the skin tissues, causing a contraction of collagen fibers. This process stimulates the production of new collagen, reinforcing the skin structure and improving its firmness and elasticity. With regular use, wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced, and the skin regains a younger and firmer appearance.

Explanation of Monopolar device benefit:

Monopolar radio frequency is a treatment that uses distant positive and negative poles, forcing the current to pass through all layers of the skin, allowing deep treatment, including the epidermis and dermis. Unlike bipolar RF, which is limited to superficial treatment, monopolar RF offers greater treatment depth.

Advanced Technologies

Ionic Cleansing The "Clean" mode integrates ionic conduction technology to deeply cleanse pores and remove impurities. Combined with radio frequency, this function ensures fresh skin, prepared for subsequent care.

Eye Contour and Microcurrent A low electrical current and a heating effect allow a progressive approach to the delicate eye contour area. Treats signs of aging.

DWHP - Dynamic Whitening Hyper Pulse The "Moisture" mode combines radio frequency with DYHP (Dynamic Whitening Hyper Pulse) technology for intense skin hydration. This unique waveform allows optimal absorption of nutrients and active ingredients, while red and orange LED light promotes cell renewal and improves skin brightness.

Red, Orange, and Blue LED Different care modes use LEDs at different wavelengths to target specific skin problems. Red LED stimulates collagen production, orange LED improves blood circulation, and blue LED tightens pores and soothes sensitive or acne-prone skin.

COOLING Reduces pore size while preserving hydration.

Usage Tips

For best results, start by cleansing your skin with the "Clean" mode to remove impurities. Then follow the specific instructions for each treatment mode, avoiding irritated or recently treated areas. Use regularly for optimal results.

Precautions for use

Do not use the device under the following conditions:

  • Do not use in conjunction with medical electronic equipment such as a pacemaker, oxygenator, electrocardiograph, etc.
  • If you have an existing or suspected heart condition.
  • If you are unable to express your intentions.
  • If you have an autoimmune disease.
  • If you are insensitive to temperature or stimulation.
  • Be sure to perform a pre-test before using the device for the first time.
  • Do not use in a sauna or stone bath. Do not store the device near a water container. Do not immerse or wash the device in water.

Usage Tips

After each use, wipe off any dirt on the surface of the device head or magnetic ring with a well-wrung towel. Other areas of the device are to be wiped off with a dry cloth.

Allow the device to dry in a well-ventilated place, then store it in a clean, dry place.

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