Sanjo an area specialized in cutlery

SUWADA was founded in 1926 in the city of Sanjo in Niigata, an area specialized in cutlery and known throughout the world for its forging techniques. The workshop was first specialized in the manufacture of sharp edges such as the famous SUWADA razor, before diversifying into cutting tools for bonsai hygiene and maintenance.

The know-how of SUWADA craftsmen

Throughout each stage of the production process, the product is passed from the hands of one craftsman to another to create products of perfection. Using experience and skills honed over the years, the master craftsmen push the boundaries of excellence, constantly improving and refining their techniques.

The exceptional cut of the SUWADA nail clipper

The workshop owes its reputation to the unique design of its cutting tools. Consisting of perfectly matched blades, without any space between them, SUWADA tools make unequivocally precise cuts. They have earned this reputation through the diligence and expertise exercised throughout the manufacturing process, from the care which master craftsmen select material to the excellence of their finishes.

“Making products of this quality is not something that can be achieved simply through the use of automated machines – it is the constant relay between imagination, heart and knowledge that makes a SUWADA product what it is” And it is this constant relay within and between each and every master craftsmen that runs like a thread through the SUWADA story.

A patented design

Every aspect of their patented design supports their primary function : cutting.

The nail clippers are made from a solid high-carbon stainless steel usually encountered only in custom-made knives.

Blades finished with a more acute angle provide a sharper more precise cut that requires no filing.

The unique ergonomic curve of SUWADA nail clippers maximizes safety and ease of use, even on the toughest nails.

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