Slim Cera Plus+

Ancestral knowledge and advanced technology combined in a high-performance beauty roller to naturally enhance skin texture.

6 parallel rollers with independent rotation

Internal magnetic ceramic made of 10 semi-precious stones increases the natural hydration level of the skin

The solar panel generates an imperceptible micro-current that stimulates skin cells   

More informations

The Slim Cera Plus + offers more features than the classic version, for a tenfold efficiency:

- The technology of 6 parallel rollers with independent rotation creates an effect of manual massage that mimics natural techniques of professional palper-rouler and modelage by hand. (Patent 3087105)

- Each roller’s surface is cut into a special soft diamond shape that extracts and removes impurities from pores to improve skin texture without being aggressive. (Patent 1135541)

- The ceramic made from 10 minerals is located behind the 6 rollers. Its magnetism increases the natural hydration level of the skin.

- An additional benefit is a built-in solar panel that transforms natural or artificial light into imperceptible electrical impulses. The micro-current is transmitted to the skin via rollers 1 and 4 as well as the tip of the tool.

Cosmetic advantages of micro-current stimulation :

1. Increases blood and lymphatic circulation
2. Improves the penetration of the active ingredients of skincare
3. Increases the production of collagen and of elastin
4. Increases protein synthesis, gluconneogenesis and transport cell membrane
5. Increases the activity of mitochondria

- Handmade in Japan, the handle of the tool is made from 99.99% pure germanium. This trace element, source of negative ions, contributes to a positive charge of cells and general well-being.

- The new massage function added at the tip of the tool stimulates the acupressure points of the face.

After 3 minutes of use, the skin appears firmer, fluid retention is eliminated and skincare actives are able to penetrate deeply into the epidermis.

After 3 weeks of use (2-3 times a day), the skin’s texture is smoother, fine lines are softened, the complexion luminous and pores are reduced. The face becomes more refined and contoured and the density of the skin is well hydrated and bouncier.


ABS Resin, Polycetal, Stainless Steel, Magnetic Ceramic, Ceramic, Germanium

How to use

3 minutes, 3 times a day on a clean skin before applying skincare.

Can be used in morning upon waking or after cleansing skin in the evening. The roller can be used such in cross directions like paler-rouler techniques and also in lymphatic drainage movements. You can intuitively roll over your face contours in a back and forth direction. It is not necessary to use excessive pressure as the first level of the epidermis are very delicate tissues. The Slim Cera is waterproof and can be used in the shower.

Use on the face :

- The forehead: Rolling Slim Cera from left to right by following the birth of the hair and up and down for the area between the eyebrows.

- The cheeks: pass the chin gently up to the eyes, as for a lifting massage.

- The outer corner of the eyes: the skin being very thin, hold the head of the device by massaging gently.

- The area under the eyes: the skin being very thin, hold the head of the device by massaging gently or use the back of the device.

- The eyelids: the skin of the eyelids being very thin, directly use the back of the device.

- The oval of the face and the neck: Massage gently from the inside to the outside as for a lifting massage.

- Can be used in the bath or in the shower, with or without soap.

- Can be used on makeup face but it will be more effective after cleaning the face and before applying the cream.

- does not require any electrical appliance or liquid or gel.

Use on the body :

The neckline, the underside of the arms, the fingers and the back of the hand, the calves, shoulders and neck.

How to keep

This device is made from stainless steel and will not rust.

Wash with warm water when necessary, avoid water warmer than 60 °.

Lotions, creams, oils can be eliminated with the use of soap and a toothbrush.

Do not use detergent or bleach.

Bijo's Tips

Use Slim Cera after applying your sheet mask, skincare will penetrate more deeply
If your face swells in altitude, take it with you into the plane to promote blood circulation.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Sylvie Clero

Je ne l'utilise que depuis une semaine donc difficile de donner un avis pour l'instant. Le massage est très agréable et j'ai l'impression qu'il m'exfolie beaucoup la peau.A suivre

Emelyne bounay
Super agréable

Dans un premier temps je tiens à préciser qu'il faut en premier lieux une bonne routine et une bonne hygiène de vie pour une belle peau.
(les produits bijo sont d'ailleurs très satisfaisants si vous cherchez une routine)

Ensuite pour ce qui est de l'appareil l'utilisation est simple, la prise en main facile, le temps d'utilisation est relativement court 3 minutes 3 fois par jours et surtout l'appareil s'emporte partout ce qui le rend encore plus indispensable

les massages grâce aux rouleaux sont très très agréables.
C'est donc un Rdv que je ne rate que très très rarement avec mon cera plus. Détente garantie.

En ce qui concerne l'efficacité je dirais pas mal du tout!!!
le grain de peau est plus jolie et ma ridule que j'ai depuis mes 20 ans au niveau de la bouche a disparu.
L'appareil est également idéal pour défroisser le dessous des yeux le matin.

Après je suis consciente que mon expérience est propre à moi. Mais l'essayer c'est l'adopter

Bien à vous


Je regrette de ne pas l’avoir acheté plus tôt !
J’ai une peau mature qui se relâche.
L’action de la slim Cera est visible à l’œil nu. Mes traits sont moins tirés après.
Donc le trio hydratation, slim Cera et écran solaire est devenu un indispensable pour moi.

Melanie Ton


Maria Guilhermina CALDAS LOPES

Slim Cera Plus+

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