Bathing, Japanese ritual of body and mind purification

Le bain, rituel japonais de purification

Did you know that in Japan you must clean you body before to get into the bath?

Indeed, the bath, whether public or private, is considered an activity of mind purification. An active meditation to refocus and get rid of concerns. Therefore the bath water, which brings calm to the mind, should not be defiled.

This 2000 years old tradition draws its origins in the Buddhist religion and the many hot water sources that come from the volcanic archipelago.

During the VIth century, temples were the first places to use these natural sources of hot water and steam for the body and the spirit's purification.

This lifestyle that has crossed centuries is still part of Japanese's daily life. Dedicated places, rules and objects have been designed for this activity. The first rule being: body must be clean before immersing in the waters.

For Japanese people, cleansing the body from all traces of sweat and dirt also cleans the mind.

The three types of Japanese baths

ONSEN: Hot springs naturally heated by volcanic soil (between 39° and 42°) in traditional hostels (Ryokan) or in thermal stations (Onsen) in nature.

SENTÔ: The public baths where friends and neighbors meet to relax, chat and meditate.

FURÔ: The individual bathtub in which one enters after cleansing the body aswell so that the water can be used for the whole family.

Photo Roméo A. on Unsplash

In practice:

Every night, two hours before bedtime, take some time for yourself with yourself.

First you must undress from both your clothes and worries. Then you can cleans and rinse your skin thoroughly with soap and exfoliating towels.

These gestures are usually practiced in the antechambers of the baths on small stools with basins made of hinoki wood (Japanese cypress).

It is only after performing these acts of purification that relaxation in the hot water of the bath can begin. A 10-minute bath at around 39° is ideal for boosting the immune system.

The water can be enhanced with purifying bath salts which have many benefits for the skin, muscles and articulations.

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February 16, 2022