Compact and stylish acupressure pen for stimulating acupressure points and relieving tension that causes facial sagging.

This patented mechanical beauty tool is the result of several years of design to achieve optimal pressure and diameter.

It features two types of rods: the single rod for firm and precise pressure and the triple rod for gentle and broad pressure.

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The generated pressure is controlled by the user's hand strength, which means that the Face-Pointer's power is entirely determined by the user's sensitivity and needs.

POINT 01: a pleasant and addictive sensation with constant and well-calculated pressure. It can target tense and hard-to-reach areas while applying even and rhythmic pressure to sensitive areas. It can be used to relax the muscles of the neck, shoulders, chest, head, and face.

POINT 02: sophisticated design that is both practical to carry and pleasant to look at.

It embodies the meticulous work of Japanese craftsmen, combining tradition and continuous improvement. The manufacturing takes place in the renowned cities of Ota Ward in Tokyo and Sabae City, Fukui.

The internal spring, discreetly housed inside the main body, has undergone countless improvement experiments. Its subtle ingenuity, almost invisible to the naked eye, offers the ideal pressure for daily use.

The rod is meticulously made in Japan to avoid surface imperfections, metal allergies, and diameter variations.

Each piece is meticulously hand-painted by artisans.

POINT 03: anti-aging action on fascial adhesions. When the muscles of the chest, neck, and head are tense, blood circulation can be affected, and facial features can sag. It is essential to relax tense facial muscles to improve blood circulation.

POINT 04: a 2-minute daily ritual. The Face Pointer can relieve facial tension in just 2 minutes by applying pressure to concerned areas like the eye contour and cheeks for about 2 minutes a day.

POINT 05: easy to use and integrate into your daily routine. The Face-Pointer is compact (approximately 15 cm long and 40 g in weight), similar to a pen, making it easy to carry in a bag or pouch. This allows you to take care of your face wherever you are, whether traveling or on the go.

POINT 06: effective action. Several testimonials from Japanese women around 40 years old who used the Face-Pointer daily for a month claim that their friends and acquaintances were surprised by the change in their faces.


Single Rod: For firm and precise pressure. If the pressure is painful, reduce the pressure of the rod by half.

Face Pointer Single Rod Face Pointer

Triple Rod: For gentle and broad pressure. Preferred for use on the head and sensitive areas such as the eye contour where the single rod is painful.

Face Pointer Triple Rod Face Pointer

*Place your fingers in the middle of the Face-Pointer; do not hold it too close to the rod.


Fully made in Japan

Length: 14.7 cm

Diameter: maximum 14.0 mm

Weight: 40 g

Usage Precautions


Do not use in the following cases:
- Abnormal blood pressure - Pain or sensory disorders - Extremely fragile skin - Pregnancy - Medical treatment (consult a doctor before use in case of hospitalization).


Do not use on the following areas:

- Eyes - Nostrils - Ears - Mucous membranes - Larynx - Navel and navel area - Skin with inflammations, lesions, acne, pimples, eczema, or other skin problems.

Usage Tips

1. Hold the Face-Pointer like a pen.

Hold a Face Pointer (Face Pointer) like you hold a pen.

2. Remove the cap from the side you want to use: single rod or triple rod.

Press the rod perpendicular to the selected area.

Stop it where you feel comfortable with moderate stimulation.

3. When you feel moderate stimulation, release the pressure slowly.

The rod should remain in contact with the skin. It is not necessary to push it completely against the skin.

Apply it vertically to the skin's surface and press it slowly.

4. The standard pressure rate is three times per second, regardless of the rod used.

The duration is about 60 seconds per point. It is possible to press for more than 60 seconds, but it should not be used excessively as it can cause redness and pain.

Basic Usage:

Cheek sagging and smile line: 

Double chin: 

Puffy face: 

Marionette lines (corner of the mouth sagging): 

Face line :

Stiff neck and shoulders:

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