Biën; The first Japanese beauty and lifestyle boutique in the heart of Paris

Biën; our concept of beauty, design, and Japanese art of living founded by Keiko Suyama and Sadaharu Hoshino, opened its first space on November 4, 2022, in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

10 rue Casimir Delavigne 75006 Paris

What is Biën; ?

Bi : 美 : Beauty

ën; 縁 : Connection / 円 : Circle / 苑 : Space

Biën; connects brands, artisans, and artists who share the same aesthetic sensitivity. A space where different types of beauty can meet, and where beautiful relationships can be formed and experienced.


The selection at Biën; revolves around 4 functional pillars.

bi : i : shoku : jū

Beauty, Clothing, Food, and Lifestyle


Also known as Bijo; (B=beauty I=innovative J=japanese O=original), this space offers 25 beauty and well-being brands whose materials, designs, original and innovative ideas reflect the Japanese sense of beauty.

The selection emphasizes clean beauty with natural ingredients, plants from Japanese herbalism (Eau de Ki, RUHAKU, and Ipsum Alii), luxurious actives (the gold leaf from MAKANAI, silk from Cokon Lab), and innovative methods like WAPHYTO which combines phytotherapy and advanced biotechnology. This unique offering is accompanied by sophisticated beauty tools such as the artisanal nail clippers SUWADA, Kumano-made brushes SHAQUDA, and ultra-innovative beauty rollers from brands YA-MAN and Slim Cera.


The textile selection focuses on custom clothing creations by founder and designer Sadaharu Hoshino, enriched with exhibitions of Japanese artists and artisans, such as the first Japanese large-format printed hemp fabric project Majotae, Kyoto's Hosoo textiles, Nishijin, Suzusan's Shibori textiles, handmade Imabari towels OLSIA, and more.


Recognizing the inseparable connection between body and spirit, Biën; also offers fine groceries including drinks and inner beauty foods, such as organic Japanese teas with antioxidant-rich plants, collagen beauty drinks, and other delightful and beneficial snacks.


The lifestyle selection stems from the Japanese concept of 用 の 美 yo-no-bi "beauty of use". Among the functional beauty crafted by Japanese artisans, only items suited for the European lifestyle have been selected.

The assortment includes Kyoto's Kaikado tea canisters, tea utensils from the ancestral house Asahi Yaki spanning 16 generations, woven bamboo flower baskets Kochosai Kosuga, traditional Japanese cypress wood pails from Nakagawa Woodworks, and a broad selection of artisanal items. Ceramic works by Nobue Ibaraki and Japanese paper flowers "Paper Eden" by Emi Shinozaki will be presented as installations.

The space regularly hosts solo exhibitions by creators and artists, creating a variety of experiences, discoveries, and connections with the products.

The Biën; Space 陰

Biën; finds its place in the historic building constructed in 1750, a few steps from the Odéon Theater. It was once the location of the famous café mentioned in Balzac's Philosophical Inquiries.

With a 12-meter facade and 4-meter high ceilings, the space is bathed in natural light. The boutique's interior is based on the yin and yang theme. The "yin" space on the left, dedicated to lifestyle and artists' works, is adorned with dark oak furniture.

The Bijo; Space 陽

On the right is the "yang" space featuring beauty and well-being products in a bright space adorned with white and natural wood. In the center, a magnificent bar made of Japanese cypress imported from Japan in cooperation with More Trees, led by Ryuichi Sakamoto, welcomes guests for Japanese tea tastings and personalized advice. The versatile mezzanine space is used for self-massage and furoshiki workshops, as well as treatments.

Biën; Service

Beyond products, Biën; focuses on Japanese hospitality. The service is rooted in Japanese culture, involving welcoming customers, offering them tea, inviting them to sit, and responding politely.

You can also participate in various workshops about beauty tools, layering, and Japanese lifestyle.

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