Japanese Gifts: The Gems

Cadeaux Japonais : Les Pépites

The Bijo Gift Guide; for your thoughtful gestures.


Curated by the Bijo team, these beauty gems always make an impact. Iconic products with a touch of originality that are good for all skin types.  


Bizen's Fermented Rice Soap


100% natural hydrating soap 

beautifully packaged in a traditional sachet

Bizen's Double Cleansing Set


Japanese double cleansing set with rice ferments 

beautifully wrapped in a made in Kyoto furoshiki


Heart-shaped Terahertz Gua Sha 


The 2.0 gua sha in terahertz stone

for an ultra-rejuvenating massage


Exfoliating Silk Cocoons


Super original tiny silk balls

for a gentle skin exfoliation


 Semi-precious Gua Sha Stone 


The iconic and ultra-desirable

rose quartz massage stone 


Alty x Bijo; Cleansing Brushes

Starting from €55

Small ultra-soft cleansing brush 

that cleanses the skin gently during many years

Beauty Oil with Gold Leaves 


A synergy of luxurious vegetable oils

enriched with anti-aging gold leaves




A lovely collection of illustrated masks

with Japanese woodblock prints


Alty x Bijo Cleansing Brushes; 

Starting from €55

Small ultra-soft cleansing brush 

that cleanses the skin gently for many years

Beauty Oil with Gold Leaf 


Synergy of luxurious vegetable oils

enriched with anti-aging gold leaf




A lovely collection of sheet masks

printed with Japanese illustrations


5 RUHAKU ultra-hydrating sheet masks


Organic cotton sheet infused with a creamy

ultra-hydrating and soothing solution

Camellia & Ginseng Eye Patches


15 pairs of eye patches to drain

and hydrate the eye area


The wellness selection, a bit less personal, will please all your loved ones, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Who doesn't need a relaxing scalp massage? Who wouldn't delight in a heated cushion during the long winter months? 


Kenzan scalp massage brush


Iconic silicone brush for massaging 

and stimulating the scalp

Exfoliating washi paper towel


Long washi paper and cotton towel 

to clean and exfoliate the skin

Yuzu Hand Cream


Iconic 100% natural and non-sticky cream,

scented with Japanese Yuzu citrus

KOBAKO Detangling Brush


Small but effective, it detangles in a few strokes

and provides a pleasant massage

Lavender-heated cushion


Essential for the long winter months

it warms up in minutes to

deliver gentle and continuous warmth

Silk sleep mask


Available in 6 colors: pink, black navy blue,

sky blue, gray, or champagne.

Japanese bath salts

€7 to €48

With the relaxing essence of Hiba wood from Aomori

and salt from the Tsugaru Strait. 


In Japan, incense is considered the most elegant gift. An incense set includes both delicately scented sticks and the incense holder. Thus, your gift will be ready to use. 

Elemense incense set


An aluminum incense holder and 40 sticks of incense

with subtle and sophisticated scents

Set of 6 Incense Leaves


A ceramic plate and 6 incense leaves

delicately infused with Japanese poetic scents

The Japanese Incense Set


A minimalist incense holder and tray

accompanied by a box of 50 sticks with a woody fragrance



The Bijo Gift Card; 

starting from €25

Still looking for ideas? Check out our entire gift selection in the online store. For a more prestigious gift, you can consult our guide on Exceptional Japanese Gifts. Want to gift a Beauty Tool? We've created a Beauty Tool Guide to help you choose! 

Savon hydratant Bizen aux ferments de riz Bizen


Bizen moisturizing soap with Rice Ferments

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10 cocons de soie exfoliants COKON LAB COKON LAB

Cokon Lab

10 exfoliating COKON LAB silk cocoons

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Coupe-ongles artisanal classique SUWADA Taille L


Classic handcrafted nail clipper

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Masque en tissu ultra hydratant RUHAKU 5 masques


Gettou enriched creamy sheet mask

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December 06, 2022