KOBIDO massage - Discovery and interview with Kaori Go

Le massage KOBIDO - Découverte et interview de la praticienne Kaori Go

The KOBIDO Massage - An Ancient Art for Beauty and Relaxation

KOBIDO is an ancient Japanese massage practice that combines beauty and relaxation. To learn more about this fascinating technique, we had the pleasure of interviewing Madame Kaori Go.

In this exclusive interview with Keiko Suyama, she shares her journey and reveals the secrets of KOBIDO.

Q: Madame Kaori Go, as a naturopathic practitioner, what led you to become interested in massage and KOBIDO?

A: Since my adolescence, I have always been drawn to traveling abroad and had a deep desire to contribute to humanitarian aid. I started my carreer in North Africa before settling in Paris after getting married. However, due to health issues within my family, I realized that people in need of help were also within my close circle. That's when I decided to train in aromatherapy and naturopathy, to help people find the root causes of their problems. 

Through my research and recommendations in dietary therapy, physical exercise, and stress management, I developed a strong interest in the world of massage, which is an integral part of natural medicine. That's when I discovered KOBIDO in France, thanks to some French friends (surprisingly, I had never heard of it in Japan). I underwent training conducted by Master Shogo Mochizuki, the 26th master of this technique, to acquire the necessary skills. Since then, I have been practicing KOBIDO with passion.

Q: What makes KOBIDO so captivating in your opinion?

A: First and foremost, I was captivated by the delicacy of the finger movements, which resemble art. KOBIDO aims to improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins, and promote lymphatic flow, allowing cells to receive oxygen and nutrients more easily, thereby revitalizing and brightening the skin.

Q: I have had the opportunity to receive several KOBIDO massages in Europe myself, and I was impressed by the intensity of the finger movements (to the point where I couldn't fall asleep during the session). However, your practice of KOBIDO is so gentle that I felt deeply relaxed and even wanted to fall asleep. What's your secret?

A: Since the lymphatic system is also located near the surface, just below the skin, I take a smooth and gentle approach by gliding my fingers over the surface. I also work on facial areas, as well as the neck, shoulders, and other congested areas, to facilitate toxin elimination and allow you to fully relax.

Q: What are the effects achieved through KOBIDO? And how frequently do you recommend receiving these sessions?

A: From the perspective of cellular vitality, KOBIDO offers overall rejuvenation effects. Ideally, it is recommended to receive KOBIDO sessions twice a month.

KOBIDO is much more than just a massage; it is a true well-being experience that helps restore balance and harmony. Thanks to practitioners like Madame Kaori Go, this technique continues to evolve and touch more and more people around the world.

If you wish to experience Madame Kaori Go's KOBIDO treatment during the month of July, we invite you to book your appointment at the Bijo; Beauty Studio residence at the Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche institute.

June 26, 2023