Japanese secret to beautiful hair and a healthy scalp

Japanese women are known for having very silky, long and resilient hair but this isn't only linked to genetics! Same as for skin care, their best beauty secret to glowing hair is the extra attention they give to the base!

"Sonae areba urei nashi" (" anticipation will save you some troubles ") is their main motto when it comes to beauty!

Knowing that unhealthy scalp can lead to hair loss, thinning, grey hair and therefore hinder the growth of beautiful hair, Japanese women anticipate by focusing on activation blood  circulation, maintaining moisture and sebum balance to grow strong and resilient hair.

Here is their guide to Japanese scalp care:

RULE NUMBER 1 - activate blood circulation

  • Brushing

Make sure to brush your hair and scalp upwards every time before shampoo. It removes dirt and dead skin cells from your scalp and actives blood circulation so that nutrients can be delivered to the hair.

  • Scalp Massage

Apart from being the best way to relax areas of tension and relieve stress after a long day of work, scalp massage is by far the best scalp care to reduce hair loss and promote strong hair! It activates blood circulation while helping to unclog pores so hair can grow properly!

To do so, you can use this very cute scalp brush that easily stimulates acupuncture points! Insist on the three main areas (around the ears, the top part of the skull, and the face front line) and apply pressure and small circular movements to relieve tensions.

Scalp brush Kenzan - 29€

The barikata brush has a stronger pressure and thus improves the blood circulation of the scalp by stimulating the acupressure points of the skull. It can also be used for self-massage of the neck and shoulders.

uka - barikata scalp brush - €29

- don't be too aggressive to your scalp 

  • Lukewarm water

Try to avoid washing your hair with hot water, as it would remove needed the oil on your scalp and cause dryness or itchiness. Japanese always go for lukewarm water!

  • Amino acids

Conventional shampoos can contain harmful chemicals for the scalp and yet some natural shampoo with cleaner composition often lack of foam and lather. Japanese women mainly use shampoo with amino acids which are natural detergents found in plants that create fluffy foam and cleanse scalp and hair in a very gentle way. Hair being composed of 18 amino acids, it's also an amazing treatment to promote shine and resilience!

Wake up ! Shampoo - 33€ Nighty night Shampoo - 33€
Wake up ! Treatment - 47€ Nighty night Treatment - 47€

RULE NUMBER 3 - detox your scalp once a week

  • Scalp cleanser

Even if you shampoo on daily basis, the build-ups from sebum, or hair products such as dry shampoo can remain on the scalp and clog the pores. Detoxing once a week with a dedicated cleaner is the best way to reduce hair loss and free the way for new strong and healthy hair!

A cleanser with mild acidity and amino acids like uka D&L scalp cleanser will help unclog the pores without scratching the scalp skin. It can be used with the Kenzan scalp brush for better results!

RULE NUMBER 4 - moisture and nourish your scalp

  • Serum

Japanese women are perfectly aware that scalp and face are one the same skin, that's why they use moisturizing and nourishing serums on their scalp the same way they would on their face!

Maintaining moisture and protecting the scalp from oxidation and glycation strongly reduces hair loss and inflammation while promoting the growth of beautiful strong hair.

Uka Rebirth Serum for Scalp effectively addresses the damaging impacts of contemporary life and revives the scalp in a very gentle way. Apply a few drops to your clean scalp and massage with your fingertips or scalp brush to distribute it evenly on the whole surface.

RULE NUMERO 5 - protect your scalp from UV
  • UV protection

UVA rays destroy protein, that causes dry and frizzy hair and cause hair colour to fade quickly! When being exposed to the sun for a long period, opt for a protective hat of for UV mist, your scalp and hair will thank you!

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