Primarily.b - Tokyo hair salon

The Tokyo-based hair salon Primarily.b has one obsession for its clients : natural hair shine.

To achieve this, the salon combines hair damage prevention with repairing care for the cuticles and scalp. It is from this ultimate quest that the “anti-friction” concept and the Love Chrome combs were born.


The comb in the Japanese culture

In Japan, combs have been embodying the ultimate beauty symbol from millennia. Since jewelries did not exist on the island, Japanese women used their long and shiny hair as social markers. Combs became art pieces developed to enhance the natural beauty of women’s hair.

Love Chrome combs

With the sole purpose of considerably improving the quality of hair while enhancing its beauty, Love Chrome combs pay tribute to the wisdom of ancient Japanese beauty using the latest processing technology.

A chrome plating to reduce friction

LOVE CHROME® 's innovation comes from the comb plating material: JP CHROME TECH®.

The unique anti-static chrome plating provides a resistant and silky finish that reduces combing friction and prevents bacteria accumulation on the comb's surface. Hair damages caused by combing are reduced by 70%.

Love Chrome

in everyday life

The daily use of a chrome comb significantly improves the quality, strength and good health of hair while enhancing its shine.

3 shapes of combs are available : Tetsuki, the classic shape, Tsuki, the travel size and Nami which means “wave” in Japanese. The wave-shaped cutting of its handle allows you to detangle your hair before styling it.

“Each individual comb is hand finished in Japan”

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