Waphyto, japanese nature and science in the name of beauty

Waphyto, nature et science japonaise au service de la beauté

Waphyto is a Japanese brand of numerous Asian beauty awards, which combines the best of what Mother Nature has to offer with the latest biomethodological advancements to create a true beauty alchemy.

In this article we will tell you what makes Waphyto a unique brand deeply linked to the personal experience and scientific discoveries of its founder.

Atsuko Morita, a leading authority in the biomethodological herbal medicine’s field


Waphyto's founder, Atsuko Morita, is a Japanese-born and raised plant scientist and phytotherapist.

When she developed asthma, dry skin and dry hair during her professional career as a flight attendant, Atsuko went to know more about phytotherapy techniques. Using herbal medicine, Atsuko noticed that her asthma symptoms were gradually dissipating and she began to experience numerous benefits. She decided to leave her airline career permanently to attend medical school and study botanical therapy in Paris.

Atsuko's subsequent research led her to award-winning scientific achievements (and made her a leading authority in biomethodological herbal medicine’s field).

Her studies of gene editing, plant properties and functional ingredients also led her to discover a defensive plant substance called "biophytoalexin", which plants use to protect themselves.

Today, Morita uses modern biotechnology and genetic engineering to find effective botanical ingredients for Waphyto's innovative and targeted products.

Phytotherapy and biomethodology

Waphyto draws its roots from scientific knowledge. Fusing scientifically-proven herbal techniques and extraordinary raw materials from Japan, the brand transcends traditional herbology with scientifically-proven phytotherapeutic techniques to create their uniquely holistic products.

This comprehensive methodology not only promotes a more holistic approach to body and skincare, but also ensures that the herbal formulas offered by the brand are competitive with the latest innovations in the sector, in terms of effectiveness and results.

The geological study of Mikawa’s soil, Japan

Waphyto is deeply committed to sourcing the highest quality plants grown to the highest Japanese agricultural standards.

Thus, Atsuko's studies are not only about plants, but also about the geology and properties of the soils in which the plants are growing.

According to Atsuko, the study of the land and of the environment allows them to obtain plants and ingredients of the highest quality. This is why Waphyto's key ingredients are grown in the Mikawa region.

Located on the geological median Tectonic Line, the longest fault zone in Japan, the Mikawa region is one of the most energized places on earth. Its nutrient-rich soils produce high-quality, potent and safe plant raw materials, recognized by many experts in geology, agriculture and pharmacology.

The definition of Clean Beauty according to Waphyto

As wanting to preserve the purity of nature, Waphyto constantly ensures that its products meet the highest standards of the scientists and herbalists involved in the company, but also the standards of the current market in terms of social responsibility.

- Elemental : all Waphyto products are made with natural ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible.

- Environmental: PCR plastic (recycled plastic) is actively used for all containers, and the brand is committed to using even less plastic in the future. The packaging and boxes are made of recycled paper from plant residues.

- Ethics: fair trade relations have been established with the producers of raw materials, thus guaranteeing reasonable prices for their ingredients.

- Empowerment (empowerment and emancipation): through her charitable work, Atsuko Morita has supported many women's lives and help them to become more empowered.

Waphyto's face skincare

Regena cleansing oil - 52€  

This oil is a gentle yet effective makeup remover that nourishes skin, while also removing dirt, pollution and other impurities.

This creamy cleanser formulated with yellowfin bark extract and 2K glycyrrhizic acid is perfect for healthy and glowing skin.

Regena toner - 58€ 

The first step in Waphytos' signature hydrating process is this deeply luxurious toner lotion. This lotion toner is enriched with moisturizing Someiyoshino, Suizenjinori, and Noni.

Pure squalane and six other nourishing plant-based oils are combined to create this skin-plumping, radiance-boosting milk. Its lightweight texture is silky soft, non-greasy and easily absorbed by the skin, making it the perfect choice for daytime, nighttime or both.

This oil combines plant-based squalane, camellia seed oil and gamma seed oil to create a synergistic hydrating and illuminating formula. It makes a perfect finishing touch of your skincare routine.

Regena enriched cream - 115€

This cream rejuvenates dull skin and infuses it with moisture from the inside out, to create a more glowing and vibrant complexion. With rice germ oil, evening primrose oil and a luxurious blend of thirteen carefully-selected plant oils, their signature cream deeply penetrates and repairs the skin to create a smooth and supple finish.

Trial set - €58

The Waphyto discovery set is ideal for trying the skincare line or taking it on a trip. The bamboo fiber pouch includes 4 miniature skincare and generous samples.

Waphyto's intimate care products


For your most delicate areas, this wash is designed to support pH balance and proper moisture levels, by gently cleansing and purifying the skin. Infused with skin-conditioning Someiyoshino Leaf Extract, Suizenori Polysaccharide, Yaeyama Aoki Fruit Juice (noni), Adlay Seed Extract, as well as Artichoke Leaf Extract, this cleanser leaves the skin feeling fresh and healthy.

Lubricant - 35€

Replace lost moisture with this lightweight gel for your intimate care. This moisturizing gel is designed to prevent dryness, dullness and discoloration, while also nourishing the skin.

Designed with a light, easy-to-massage texture, Waphyto's Intimate Oil features a carefully-selected blend of eight different moisturizing plant-based oils, including squalane, macadamia, jojoba, grapeseed, apricot, argan, evening primrose, and soybean.

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Regena cleansing oil for face and eyes

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March 02, 2022