Body care: Dry brushing

Soin corps: Le brossage à sec
Dry brushing is a body care ritual that consists of brushing dry skin with a natural bristle brush before taking a shower or bath. 

This practice has many benefits, such as exfoliating the skin, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, and reducing cellulite.

Brossage à sec avec la brosse japonaise SHAQUDA

Stimulation of lymphatic circulation

Dry brushing also helps stimulate lymphatic circulation to remove toxins. This can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Dry brushing is a beauty ritual that is similar to active meditation. A calm moment to take care of your body that can help reduce stress and improve your mood.

How to do it?

Preferably use a natural hair brush, which should be firm but not too hard to avoid scratching the skin. For sensitive areas such as the face, prefer a soft brush made of goat hair.

Dry brushing should be done on dry skin, before taking a shower or bath.

For the body

Start by brushing the feet and legs, using circular motions to stimulate blood circulation. Then move to the abdomen and back, brushing gently in a clockwise direction.

After finishing, take a shower or bath to remove dead skin cells and toxins from your body.

25 €

25 €

For the face 

Dry Drainage Method to de-clutter the complexion:

  • Gently stroke the dry brush over the skin to massage and remove dead skin cells.
  • Brush around the eyes, starting at the outer corner and working down to the temples.
  • Brush from the tip of the chin to the ear.
  • Brush from behind the ear to the neckline to accompany the drainage.

Dry brushing is a simple but effective practice that can help improve the appearance of the skin, reduce cellulite and stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation. Just invest in a natural bristle brush and take a few minutes each day to brush your dry skin before showering or bathing.


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