In & Out - The Benefits of Fermented Ingredients

In & Out - Les bienfaits des ingrédients fermentés


In the world of beauty, we are hearing more and more on the subject of¬†fermented cosmetology. This method is based on using the benefits of "fermentation" to formulate skin care, food supplements and " Beauty Food ¬Ľ.

In Japan, if is deeply engrained that a healthy diet consist of of having a variety of fermented food daily, such as miso, soy, natto, rice bran or sake. There are also many Japanese brands and beauty treatments that use fermented ingredients.

What is Fermented Cosmetology ?

First, let’s explain simply what is fermented beauty.

Fermentation consists of process in which new naturally occurring bi-products
called metabolites are produced. These microorganism from vegetable origins such as yeasts, lactic acid, bacteria and acetic bacteria. 

When adding nutrients to the metabolites, new cosmetic ingredients can be created with the added benefits of rich moisturizing factors and low molecular weight which allow for better absorption into the skin. 

In recent years, many novel ingredients based on lactic acid, yeast, rice, honey and various plants have been developed during what can be called the Beauty’s "fermentation boom".

The common characteristics of these ingredients are as follows;

- Promote cellular renewal of skin

- Increase the barrier function of skin

- Improve the ability of ingredients to  penetrate in the skin 

- Exceptional  moisturising properties 

- Improve the texture of skin

- Balancing a variety of skin problems related to ageing

I recommend fermented cosmetic formulations particularly to those of 50 years and over. Due to the slowdown in the metabolism and skin renewal cycle, people in this age group often see reduced barrier function, which enables free radicals to enter cells. In addition, the outermost layer of the epidermis, the "horny layer" loses its elasticity and becomes hardened, making it more difficult for ingredients to easily penetrate the skin.

This is why cosmetics based on fermented ingredients are particularly recommended It is also advisable to use them starting at an early age in order to prevent the dulling and the disturbance of the skins texture.

My cosmetics recommendations based on fermentation

The brand most representative of fermentation, "Eau de Ki", has specialized for over 90 years in projecting a moisturizing lotion based on fermentation. The method is based on ancient wisdom that consists of a 6 months fermentation process of Japanese and Chinese medicinal herbs such as ginseng, Reishi, Chinese peony, jujube, umbrella Polypore mushroom which mature in old earth vessels. 

The lotion has multiple benefits of purifying the skin, preventing dryness, increasing hydration and reducing the appearance of fine lines. A true anti-aging lotion. The results are such that it was given the nickname of "Extraordinary water".

Eau de Ki - Moisturizing Lotion

Bizen is a soap which is cold processed
and 100% natural. The principle active, lie whole rice fermented comes from the fermentation of rice. This key ingredient enriches the soap with amino acids, ceramides and vitamins allowing a better retention of moisture, an effect which is both anti-oxidant and anti-aging. 

Bizen soap with fermented complete rice
Bizen - Fermented rice soap

EN Fermented Rice Essence (or sake) is obtained after fermentating rice¬†with K√īji (aspergilies) and K√ībo (yeast). The sake is rich in amino acids, composed of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factors) which strenghten the barrier of the horny layer of the epidermis, ensuring hydratation.¬†The alcohol derived from the sak√© stimulates the blood circulation, which gives a glowy complexion.

Fermented rice essence in

EN - Fermented rice essence

We also find this ingredient in the MITOMO Sake Mask

Mitomo - Sake

AHAs, also called fruit acids, are naturally present in a variety of fruits and have powerful exfoliating and moisturizing properties.

The EN essence of AHA fermented is obtained by fermentation of Chardonnay grape extracts. This fermentation process makes it possible to multiply the amount of AHA by seven and boost its exfoliating and moisturizing effectiveness. 

EN - AHA Essence

Beauty is also on the inside and the consumption of fermented foods!

Consuming fermented foods is equally  important for beauty as they are in skincare. It’s true that fermented foods are incredibly powerful in their ability to regulate the intestinal microbiome, which can often be the cause of imbalance such as rough skin or constipation.

"Eating fermented foods is a good way to make the skin more beautiful!" It's what Japanese  have been taught for a long time.

If you have access, you can get Japanese fermented foods such as miso, soya sauce, mirin, natto, rice bran, sake, Amazake, or konbucha. Otherwise, it is also easy to consume French fermented products, such as yahourts, vinegar, pickles to name a few ... which also have great effects on beauty.

It's not just about the beauty on the outside but also from the inside ; Let's use the benefits and power of fermented foods to make us more beautiful over time!

By Keiko Suyama

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Actif hydratant, le saké est riche en acides aminés

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March 18, 2022