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Brosse à dents MISOKA : technologie de pointe pour un essentiel du quotidien

We had the honor of receiving Mr. Yohei Tsuji, founder of MISOKA in Paris, and we asked him a few questions about the technology behind his revolutionary toothbrushes. MISOKA is an innovative company that offers a new approach to improve oral hygiene.

In this interview, he unveils the secrets behind his unique toothbrushes and their benefits for dental health.

What happens if tooth brushing is neglected for two weeks?

Neglecting tooth brushing for two weeks can lead to the formation of tartar, within which biofilm bacteria develop. When acids from foods like sugar penetrate, these bacteria release acids that can cause tooth decay.

How can tooth decay and gingivitis be prevented?

By adopting a good tooth brushing habit, ideally once every two weeks according to this theory, one can prevent tartar formation and reduce the risk of cavities and gingivitis. It's important to note that tooth brushing should be done effectively to cover all areas, including hard-to-reach ones.

Why doesn't this toothbrush need toothpaste?

This toothbrush is designed with bristles coated with a special mineral that makes water more compatible and facilitates cleaning. The minerals on the bristles help prevent dirt accumulation on the teeth, allowing for prolonged self-cleaning with saliva after morning brushing. 

By using the minerals at the ends of the bristles to brush the teeth, water becomes more easily compatible due to the action of these minerals. When water is compatible, it facilitates cleaning, much like a detergent. In fact, detergents make objects easier to clean by making them compatible.

In Japan, there is currently a new generation of toilets and bathtubs equipped with a photocatalytic coating. This coating makes dirt easily removable with just water contact, eliminating the need for manual cleaning. We took inspiration from this mechanism to design our toothbrush.

When water becomes compatible, it facilitates the removal of dirt. Additionally, the minerals present at the ends of the bristles of our toothbrush deposit onto the teeth during brushing. This creates a structure that makes it difficult for dirt to adhere to the teeth.

The operating principle of the new toilets and bathtubs in Japan relies on water compatibility, thus facilitating the removal of impurities. Our toothbrush works on a similar principle, providing extended self-cleaning through saliva after morning brushing. Thus, a feeling of smoothness is maintained on the teeth until the evening after a single morning brushing.

Is there a way to tell if the teeth are properly brushed with this brush?

Yes, by distinguishing smooth areas from non-smooth areas on the teeth, it's possible to determine which areas are well brushed and which are not. This method allows checking the effectiveness of brushing using just the tactile sensation of the tongue.


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February 22, 2024