WAVY mini


The 4D drainage beauty device that goes beyond 3D.

The Wavy Mini drainage roll has a double Tornado roll that stimulates the skin in a three-dimensional way as well as a "Lift Wave EMS" mode that stimulates deep muscles with small electrical pulses to sculpt the face.

The Tornado roller

The unique Tornado-roller - which produces completely different sensations depending on the angle and direction in which it is sliding over the skin - recreates the hand techniques of a professional. Realized with patented technology, the secret of this device is its rotational orbit, which appears to undulate.

This treatment firmly grasps and massages the skin, producing a deep sensation as if the roller is adhering to the skin.

LIFT WAVE EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation)

This waveform independently developed by YA-MAN uses a broader frequency range than the conventional EMS and stimulates deep muscles effectively.

The treatment aims to produce beauty that radiates majestically from your core.


A WAVY Mini White EP-16W and an AC adapter for recharging.


Mechanical massage: The two ripple rollers that grasp and massage firmly the skin are dressed with a wavy surface that stimulates the skin finely.

EMS mode (Electric muscle stimulation): Awakens the skin with comfortable stimulation, reaching many mimetic muscles with a broader wavelength range.

The micro-current mode: treats the skin with low electrical currents. Virtually no sensation.

Splash Proof: The main unit is equivalent to IPX4 anti-splashing.

Auto Power-Off: The device turns off automatically 10 minutes after being turned on.

How to use

On clean skin, after applying the usual skincare products.

  • Mechanical massage : Device turns off. Slide the rollers on the bottom up and center to the outside (oval face, cheeks, nose edges, forehead, neck, neckline, etc.). Increase the power and the efficiency of the massage by adjusting the angle of the roller on the skin (in parallel the massage is light, while in perpendicular the massage is stronger). 

  • The micro mode: Press the base of the device until only the face light is lit. Move the low electric current rollers to the desired parts in the indicated direction of the arrows. For the area under the eyes, place a finger on a roller while putting the tip of the other roll on your skin. Putting a finger on the roller drives a better circulation of the micro current. This mode can be used up to 3 times a day.
  • EMS mode (Face LED + level 1 to 4). Use this mode on wet skin for better adhesion and a conductive effect. It is recommended to start progressively with this mode (level 1 the first week, next level the second week, etc.). It works on areas of concern such as cheeks and mouth. Individual results may vary depending on each person. For the edge of the nose, use EMS mode: install the rollers on each side of the nose to stimulate the muscles. Adjust the EMS to a comfortable level. On the cheeks, lift the skin with the rollers. For the oval of the face, roll from the bottom to the top of your face by gently pressing the rollers against the skin and coming slowly when you are under your ears.

Warning, avoid using EMS mode on the jaw if you do have metal in your mouth. Do not apply the unit to the same area for more than 10 minutes. When using the EMS mode on the same part of the body, please leave an interval of 24 hours or more between treatments.

Precautions for use

Do not use the device under the following conditions:

  • People using electronic medical devices
  • Cardiac stimulator or other electrical medical device implanted.
  • Artificial cardiorespiratory apparatus or other electronic survival medical device.
  • Electrocardiograph or other electronic medical devices worn on the body.
  • Make sure you perform a pre-test before using the unit for the first time.
  • Do not use in a sauna or stone bath. Do not store the unit near a water container. Do not soak or wash the appliance in the water.
  • If you have dental fillings, choose a lower level of intensity or apply the unit to a different area.
  • The durations / frequencies below are only a guideline: rollers only (power off): approx. 10 minutes by part of the body, up to 3 times a day. Rolls and micro-current (powered on): approx. 10 minutes by part of the body, up to 2-3 times a day. Roll and EMS (betting): 10 minutes per part of the body every 24h.



About W58 x D45 x H145mm, 70g

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stephanie Lambert
Wavy mini

Je l’utilise depuis 1 mois et ma peau est superbe, facile d’utilisation, je recommande cet indispensable de ma routine quotidienne

Très satisfaite

Je trouve ma peau plus jolie depuis que je l’utilise

Denis Bouverat
Très bon appareil

De vrais résultats en seulement quelques jours, vraiment bluffant.
Je conseille vivement le wavy mini.

Viviane Pougaud

appareil très simple d'utilisation, très puissant par rapport à ceux
que j'ai pu essayer dans d'autres marques. Effet "défroissant" immédiat pour les rides marquées.


Le yaman se prend vite bien en mains. Il est facile d’utilisation même si la notice est en japonais.
On peut la trouver en anglais sur interne. Je trouve que la peau se tend et remonte. J’ai hâte de voir le résultat sur plusieurs mois. En tout cas je suis contente de cet achat

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