The ultimate guide to select the perfect Japanese Beauty Tool

Le guide ultime pour choisir l'outil de beauté japonais parfait
There is the complete dossier of our ultra high-tech selection of Bijo beauty tools and which one is best suited to your needs. Hint….it could be more than just one as each tool is complimentary.  


What it is :

A beauty roller designed to mimic a sculpting facial at home to improve the texture of the skin and refine the features.

What it does :

By mimicking the movements of palper-rouler and lymphatic drainage techniques, this roller softens the fascial tissues thus relaxing tense muscles, stimulates circulation, activates lymphatic drainage and assists in removing fluid retention.

What concerns does it target :

Targets overall texture concerns -fine lines, pores, elasticity, plumpness and tone of skin are greatly improved. This is due to the rollers action on the first level of the epidermis. In this first epidermis level (before the muscles) lies our natural collagen & elastin fibers, natural sebum filaments/ NMF production, fascial tissue, lymph and circulation.

The skin becomes brighter, the face more contoured, a healthier complexion and glow and a relaxing of the face muscles.

Who it’s for :

Can be used by any age with for preventive or corrective results. It aides improving texture-pores and fine lines, dull complexions, loss of density and elasticity of the skin. It balances the sebum production of the skin bringing more balanced hydration to the skin’s natural microbiome barrier.

How it works
6 parallel rollers with independent rotation :
The technology of 6 parallel rollers with independent rotation creates an effect of manual massage that mimics natural techniques of professional palper-rouler and modelage by hand. (Patent 3087105)

Diamond Cut Surface :
Each roller’s surface is cut into a special soft diamond shape that extracts and removes impurities from pores to improve skin texture without being aggressive. (Patent 1135541)

Natural Micro-current :
An additional benefit is a built-in solar panel that transforms natural or artificial light into imperceptible electrical impulses (without battery). The micro-current is transmitted to the skin via rollers 1 and 4 as well as the tip of the tool.

Micro-current stimulates the production of collagen and elastin as well as oxygenation of blood circulation and the movement of lymphatic fluid. It also contributes to improving the penetration of the active ingredients of skincares.

Magnetic ceramic :
The ceramic made from 10 minerals is located behind the 6 rollers. Its magnetism increases the natural hydration level of the skin.

Germanium :
Handmade in Japan, the handle of the Slim Cera is made from 99.999% pure germanium. This trace element, source of negative ions, contributes to a positive charge of cells and general well-being.

How to use

Up to ten minutes a day on clean skin before applying products.

Can be used in morning upon waking or after cleansing skin in the evening. The roller can be used such in cross directions like paler-rouler techniques and also in lymphatic drainage movements. You can intuitively roll over your face contours in a back and forth direction. It is not necessary to use excessive pressure as the first level of the epidermis are very delicate tissues. The Slim Cera is waterproof and can be used in the shower.

What are the results

After 3 minutes of use, the skin appears firmer, fluid retention is eliminated and skincare actives are able to penetrate deeply into the epidermis.

After 3 weeks of use (2-3 times a day), the skin’s texture is smoother, fine lines are softened, the complexion luminous and pores are reduced. The face becomes more refined and contoured and the density of the skin is well hydrated and bouncier.


Slim cera plus+


What it is :

A device using EMS technology which targets specific deep muscles of the face to lift and firm. Think of it as a gym for your face.

What it does :

Lifts and firms specific groups of facial muscles, thus improving facial contours and lifting in a natural way that opens the face for a more rested and youthful appearance.

What concerns does it target :

Loss of facial muscle tone, loss of density, and deep-set wrinkles particularly around jowls, mouth and eye areas.

Who is it for :

Can be used as a preventative tool for those starting to see premature aging and loss of muscle tone. It is also a great corrective treatment to refresh and lift the muscles in a natural non-invasive way.

How it works 

There are 3 technologies packed into this powerful tool.

EMS mode (Electric Muscle Stimulation):
EMS sends out electrical impulses that directly target specific deep muscle groups to contract. Think of it as weight lifting for the face, which lifts and tones the muscles.

Micro-current mode :
Micro-current sends a small pulse that stimulates cellular metabolism, circulation and improves overall tone of skin. It also improves penetration of the active ingredients of your treatments.

Tornado-roller :
The two rollers are designed with a reverse rotation to create a beautiful firm grip that feels like a manual massage. When using in micro current mode this adds a benefit soft lymphatic drainage.

How to use 
EMS mode :
Can be used for a maximum of 10 minutes every 24 to 48 hours to allow for muscle recovery. Use on clean skin with a water-based serum and a water-based mist to keep the skin very moist.

The wetness of the skin is necessary for the conduction of the frequency.

Please follow the instruction manual as it gives you a complete guide of which muscles groups to use it on and the direction to use the tool.

It is a powerful tool, so it is recommended to start at the lowest intensity and build up over the course of several weeks.

The micro-current mode :
This mode can be used up to three times a day, all over the contours of your face. The rollers help with lymphatic drainage while the frequency allows deeper penetration of your products.

Tornado Roller Mechanical massage :
The device can be used completely turned off with just the benefit of the rollers which provide the sensation of a professional sculpting and drainage massage.

The results

There is an immediate firmness of the skin from the first use of 10 minutes in EMS mode. Used consistently over a few weeks you will see a more defined face, lifted cheeks and eye area, as well as a firmer jaw line.

Wavy Mini Ya-Man


An all-in-one treatment device that is programmed with 6 different technologies for 5 treatment modes to improve skin texture and tone.
It uses radio frequency technology to warm tissue, stimulate collagen production and reduce fine lines. It has 5 other technologies to cleanse, improve skin care penetration, firm facial muscles, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce pore size.

It targets texture concerns - fine lines, pores, skin elasticity, and tone are greatly improved. This is due to the action of radio frequency and the 5 technologies. The skin becomes more luminous, the complexion fresher, and the facial muscles appear relaxed

It can be used at any age for preventive or corrective results. It helps to improve pore texture and fine lines, dullness, and loss of skin density and elasticity.


There are 6 technologies packed into this powerful tool.


The diffusion of electromagnetic waves heats the skin in depth without burning it.

Under the effect of the heat, the
veno-lymphatic circulation is improved and the natural production of collagen, elastin, and fibers becomes more important. This results in a firming of the skin and subcutaneous tissues, with a tightening effect.


The heat of the RF and the power of the ions effectively attract dirt from the skin (5 intensity levels)


The heat of the radio frequencies and the power of the ions improve the penetration of the care ingredients into the skin. With 5 levels of intensity.


Stimulates facial muscles and improves skin elasticity. With 5 intensity levels. 
* Not as powerful as the Wavy Mini because of the shorter treatment time. 


Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Reduces pore size while preserving moisture.


The first 4 modes are used 2-3 times per week. The COOL mode can be used daily. Use on clean skin.

RF CLEANSING: place a cotton pad under the magnetic ring and moisten it with lotion. Glide over the skin.

RF MOISTURE: either with a cotton pad moistened with lotion, with a cloth mask or with lotion/gel. Glide over the skin.

RF LED: the RF LED mode is used without cotton, you have to dab the skin with the LED. It can be used for the eye contour area but you have to stand 5 cm away and close your eyes.

RF + EMS: place a cotton ball under the magnetic ring and moisten it with lotion or put a thick lotion/serum on the skin. Work on the skin from the inside to the outside.

COOLING: after the cream, "dab" on the entire skin surface: press and hold, lift and reposition, press, and hold (repeat). Use daily for 3 minutes.

After a full cycle, the skin looks more luminous and hydrated. After several weeks of use (2 to 3 times a week), skin texture is smoother, fine lines are smoothed out, skin tone is brighter and pores are reduced. The facial features are more defined and the skin is well-hydrated and plumper.


What is it :

A body roller featuring the benefits of acupressure, myo-fascial release, stimulates blood circulation and oxygenation and aides in removing stagnant waste fluid from lymph and cells.

What does it do :

Improves circulation, relaxes the fascial tissues, which brings relief to aching muscles and sore points. Aides in removing stagnant lymph and other fluid retentions.

Who is it for :

Those looking to ease body aches and stiffness, improve circulation and remove stagnant fluids.

How does it work

Inspired by the traditional knowledge of acupuncture, the technology of the roller lies in 272 softly rounded acupuncture needles made of 5 different metals (titanium, zinc, copper, nickel and iron). Titanium in particular has been selected for its ability to regulate the body's natural bio-currents. The needles are placed into medical grade silicone base which cushions the pressure of the needles to painlessly roll the skin.

Circulation is stimulated, thus oxygenating the blood. Fascia tissue that is difficult to release can be easily become unstuck, which improves tensions, aches and pains. Stagnant lymph fluid and water retention is removed bringing an overall feeling of lightness.

How to use

On bare skin without oils or creams use the roller starting with your fingertips to the arm, around the shoulders and then to the head. Massage the face line and the scalp. For the lower part of the body, pass it over the feet, legs, thighs, pelvic area to the hips and back.

What are the results

Effectively relieves tensions and stiffness, reduces cellulite, improves the quality of the skin and general well-being.


March 16, 2023