Change of season & hair loss: Japanese women's secrets for dense hair

Changement de saison & perte de cheveux ; les secrets des japonaises pour une chevelure dense

At the beginning of autumn, hair that has been stimulated by the summer starts to fall out in larger quantities; this is known as seasonal shedding. While we typically lose around fifty hairs a day, in autumn, it's closer to a hundred per day. Although this is perfectly natural, there are still some simple steps you can take to limit these hair losses.

Hair Brush to Reduce Losses

How to Reduce Hair Loss During Seasonal Changes: Tips Inspired by Japanese Practices

In Japan, thick and glossy hair is a symbol of beauty, and Japanese women take great care of their roots to maintain the density and health of their hair. Scalp care and a nutrient-rich diet play a significant role in reducing hair loss during seasonal transitions.

"The scalp is the foundation of strong and dense hair. Purifying, massaging, and moisturizing it are the first steps to stimulate strong hair growth and reduce hair loss." - Keiko Suyama

1 - Regularly Purify the Scalp

The skin on the scalp is often covered with impurities; pollution, dust, hair products, and dead cells accumulate on the sebum produced by the scalp, eventually clogging the pores. With less room for hair roots to grow, the hair becomes thinner and falls out more easily.

Shampoos are designed to clean and enhance hair, but their formulations are not always suitable for clearing the buildup of impurities in the scalp's pores. To remedy this, the Japanese adopt two practices:

a- Brush Your Hair Before Each Shampoo

Using a gentle brush, brush your hair and scalp from bottom to top to remove dust and volatile dead cells.

Hair Brush to Reduce Losses

Hair and Scalp Brush


b- Use a Specific Scalp Cleanser

Instead of shampoo, once a week, use a specialized scalp cleanser. Its tailored formula removes the buildup of impurities and sebum from the pores without altering the scalp's pH.

These two practices are useful for reducing hair loss and adding volume to the roots.

Buildup on Scalp
Deep & Light uka

Scalp Cleansing Deep&Light


2 - Stimulate Blood Circulation with Scalp Massage

Scalp massage is widely practiced in Asia. The stimulation of acupressure points relaxes tension throughout the body and face. This stimulation also helps activate blood circulation and increase the supply of essential nutrients to hair follicles.

Regularly practicing this technique reduces hair loss during seasonal changes. It can be done with your fingers, a special scalp brush, or an acupressure roller.

Scalp Massage with Kenzan Brush
Scalp Massage with EKATO Acupressure Roller
Kenzan Scalp Brush
EKATO Acupressure Roller

Kenzan Scalp Brush


EKATO. Body Meditation Roller


3. Nourish and Hydrate the Scalp with Natural Ingredients

Hydrating and nourishing the scalp with a serum strengthens hair follicles, prevents hair loss, and promotes the growth of strong and dense hair. The ingredients selected in scalp serums soothe inflammation (e.g., green tea and licorice root), stimulate blood circulation (vanilla seeds and rosemary extract), and hydrate the skin (hyaluronic acid and reishi extract).

ReBirth Scalp Serum by uka
Waphyto Scalp Lotion

Rebirth Scalp Serum by uka


Waphyto Scalp Lotion


4 - Balanced Diet and Stress Reduction

Diet plays a crucial role in hair health. Japanese women often incorporate nutrient-rich foods into their diets to reduce hair loss.

Fish, especially salmon, is a significant source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help maintain scalp health and reduce inflammation. Additionally, seaweed contains essential minerals like iron and zinc, necessary for strong and healthy hair.

On the contrary, stress can increase hair loss. Practices like meditation, yoga, and relaxing baths also contribute to hair health.

September 15, 2023