Exceptional Japanese Gift Curation

Our special curation to help you choose for your loved ones the most unique and beautiful Japanese gems.


Eau de Ki


An exceptional purifying, hydrating, and regenerating
beauty elixir crafted through a long artisanal fermentation process.


Golden Duo MAKANAI


A radiance treatment with genuine Kanazawa gold leaf
and a high quality nutrient rich beauty oil.

Slim Cera Plus+


The most sophisticated beauty roller
to enhance skin texture. Handmade in Japan.

Bizen moisturizing soap with rice ferment


100% natural moisturizing soap

beautifully packaged in a traditional rice bag.

Bizen Double Cleansing Set


Moisturizing soap and rice ferment

cleansing balm beautifully wrapped in a traditional furoshiki.


SUWADA nail nipper

from €86

 Also known as the best nail clipper in the world, handcrafted by
artisans from Niigata. It takes 55 steps and over a month of
forging and adjustments for one of these wonders to come to life.

Alty x Bijo; soft cleansing brushes 

from €55

The fascinating softness of Japanese Alty brushes. ⁠

290,000 filaments refined by Japanese artisans

cleanse the skin deeply while respecting its structure.

Gold-plated Tsuki Comb LOVE CHROME

98 € 

Traditional Japanese comb pleated with

anti-static chrome and 24k gold for shiny and resistant hair.


JIVA Shaquda Brush


A refined bath brush made from natural bristles

and a carefully carved walnut wood handle.


Exceptional ELEMENSE Incense Box

45 €

The enchanting fragrances of ELEMENSE incense transform the atmosphere. The subtle yet sophisticated fragrances are inspired by the five elements.


Box of Six HA KO incense leave

52 €

Finely crafted like a tree leaf in incense paper

by Koh-Shi masters on Awaji Island.

Are you still looking for ideas? Check out our entire gift selection on the online store. To find a little gem, you can refer to our Guide to Little Japanese Gems. Want to gift a Beauty Tool? We've created a Beauty Tool Guide to help you choose! 

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