The benefits of floral steam baths

Les Bienfaits des bains de vapeur floraux

The weekly steam bath is a comforting treatment that has many benefits for the skin. Also known as a facial sauna or fumigation, this technique uses water steam infused with organic flowers with targeted properties to bring radiance to the skin.

Purification :

The heat of the steam naturally dilates the pores of the skin and facilitates the removal of impurities and toxins that tend to blur the complexion. 

Blood Circulation :

Exposure to heat also stimulates perspiration and dilation of blood vessels, thus encouraging better blood circulation which oxygenates the skin and gives it more radiance.

Penetration of skincare products:

The steam bath that dilates the pores and moisturizes the stratum corneum of the skin makes it more receptive to care and facilitates the penetration of masks and serums.

How to do ?


  1. Once a week, pour two teaspoons of your organic flower mixture into a bowl of boiling water (prefer glass, stainless steel or steel bowls).

  1. Place your face above the bowl with - optionally - a towel on your head.
  1. Take a deep breath and enjoy this relaxing moment for 5 to 10 minutes.
  1. After your steam bath, you can cleanse your skin thoroughly and then run cold water over your face to close the pores and stop perspiration.


We have created two organic flower blends; Glow which promotes radiance and Pure which accentuates the purifying benefits of the steam bath.

Glow: A cocktail of organic flowers to access the Japanese glow:

  • Lavender selected for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Green tea, known for its antioxidant power
  • The rose, flower of predilection to alleviate redness
  • The bitter orange, traditionally known for its toning properties
  • And the sweet mauve, emollient flower par excellence

    Herbal face steam

    Pure: A cocktail of organic flowers to purify your skin

    • Rosemary and eucalyptus chosen for their regulating properties on the secretion of sebum
    • Peppermint known for its purifying power
    • The bitter orange, traditionally known for its toning properties
    • Green tea and its astringent tannins
    • Calendula officinalis selected for its calming and soothing properties
      PURE steam bath 

      November 24, 2020