Keiko's beauty recommendations for spring

Spring Equinox, known as “SHUN BUN” in the Japanese calendar, is the time when the length of the day and night become equal. The days start becoming longer until summer solstice is reached and we go outside and become more active.

Since we are no longer obliged to wear a mask, it is a season when many of us want to wear makeup more, attend events and enjoy shopping. It’s also at this particular moment when our daily rhythm changes drastically and we can often see imbalances in the skin. Spring is said to be the season when the skin and mind become unstable, as if we are still groggy after a long sleep. Let's take preventative measures against the causes of skin problems that are likely to occur in spring so that we can fully appreciate the beauty of this moment inside and out. 


Spring is the season when pollen, dust, and other allergens tend to adhere to the skin. As the temperature gradually rises, the secretion of sebum increases, making it easier for excess oil and breakouts to occur. Gentle Cleansing in the morning and evening with a high quality cleanser to remove impurities while respecting skins barrier and hydration. 


Use "ALTY Cleansing Brush” with IREN "START AFRESH DAILY" powdered enzyme cleanser, to create a creamy lather with gentle ingredients containing rice bran, enzymes and hyaluronic acid.


UV care

In early spring Ultraviolet Rays in are said to be three times higher than in December. This time of year it’s easy neglect sun protection, as we are warming up after cold winter months. UVA rays have longest wavelength among UV spectrum and are able to reach deep into the causing excess pigmentation, photo aging and damage to skin structure.  



In the morning use IREN STAR LIGHT, which is a brightening serum. Key ingredients are (EXTRAIT DE YUZU + 2% ALPHA-ARBUTINE + 5% NIACINAMIDE) 


EN NIACINAMIDE Essence, this ingredient works directly at the source of pigmentation production and works like an umbrellla to prevent UV rays from converting into melanin keeping the skin bright and even. 

If possible, it is recommended to reapply UV SPF 20-30 and PA+++ throughout the day. Protect your skin from UV rays by layering SHIGETA's BASE Illuminatrice Universelle SPF 25 followed by BB Cream with SPF 30 PA+++.

In the evening, EN Melon Placenta Essence is recommended to prevent a dull complexion exposed to UV rays. This ingredient is key in accelerating skins metabolism and eliminating melanin production during skins sleep and repair cycle. 

STAR LIGHT Sérum éclaircissant
Essence de Niacinamide
 STAR LIGHT Brightening serum
Niacinamide Essence 

BB Crème SPF 30 - PA+++
Essence de Placenta de melon
BB Cream SPF 30 - PA+++
Melon Placenta Essence

Hydration & Barrier Function

Although the number of warmer days increase, the temperature changes between the morning and evening are noticeable and humidity is still low. Many of the skin imbalances arriving in the spring can be directly correlated to disrupted barrier function. Pollen, dust, and UV rays become stronger, making skin susceptible to external stimuli. An imbalanced skin with reduced barrier function becomes hypersensitive and is easily damaged. Use plenty of moisturizing lotion, balance the moisture and oil content of the skin with a milky lotion formulations, supporting barrier function and protecting it from damage.



Eau de Ki lotion is recommended as it not only hydrates but also purifies the skin

In addition, REY Tokyo's HYDRATING SERUM is perfect for this season as it balances the moisture and oil content of the skin at optimal levels, improving barrier function. Since it contains oil, it keeps the skin plump and dewy. 


 Lotion hydratante

Eau de Ki
 Dual-Energy Hydrating Serum

Anti-stress & blood circulation

In early spring, it becomes warmer with certain days that are very hot. It is recommended to massage your head to release excess heat within the body and balance your physical/ emotional state. The head contains various meridians which help reduce stress in the body. Be aware that stress can upset your hormonal balance, promote overproduction of melanin, cause age spots and contribute to skin upset, so doing your best to maintain balance is crucial. 



Use UKA Scalp Brush Kenzan (Pink is soft pressure, Black is medium pressure, Green is very strong pressure) to massage your scalp. To improve blood circulation in the scalp, get an extra boost by using "Rebirth Serum", which contains Japanese and Chinese herbs.


Finally, in the spring when the mind tends to be emotionally unstable, as we are waking up from the cold winter. It is better to move your body slowly by stretching or yoga instead of strenuous exercise. The very best recommendation is walking! It is important to see the flowers in full bloom and make time to relax while enjoying nature.