Keiko's beauty recommendations for spring

Les recommendations beauté de Keiko pour le printemps

The spring equinox (SHUNBUN in the Japanese calendar) is the time when the days are as long as the nights. Until the summer solstice, the days become longer and longer. Our outings and encounters intensify as the environment changes. 

With the turn of the season and the radical changes, the condition of our skin is disturbed and disorders are likely to occur. The beginning of spring is the perfect time to take action against these imbalances !


In spring, there is a lot of pollen and dust in the air that clings to the skin. In addition, as the temperature gradually rises, sebum secretion increases, making it easier for blemishes to accumulate on the skin.

The skin should be cleansed morning and night with a delicate, high-quality foam that maintains the skin's moisture level.


Twice a week, use a gentle exfoliator like Ipsum ALII Exfoliating Gel or try ionic cleansing with YA MAN's Photo PLUS multi-functional device.

Daily, you can remove impurities with RUHAKU AHA Cleansing Oil, a gentle silk-enriched soap, and Eau de Ki Purifying Elixir.

Skin Refining GEL 
Photo PLUS 

Silk solid soap

Reset Cleansing oil AHA 

Hydrating Lotion

Moisturizing Lotion Toner

UV care

The daily amount of ultraviolet radiation in early spring is three times higher than in December. In spring, we often neglect UV protection, especially UVA rays, which have a longer wavelength. However, they penetrate deeper into the skin and cause pigmentation and photoaging that darkens the skin.


In the morning, use STAR LIGHT Lightening Serum (YUZU EXTRACT + 2% ALPHA-ARBUTINE + 5% NIACINAMIDE) or EN Essence with NIACINAMIDE (It acts at the root of the spots by blocking the transfer of melanin to the epidermis, for an even and brightened complexion).

If you have the possibility of using it during the day, a UV treatment of SPF20-30 with a PA++ is sufficient (the PA indicates protection against UVA rays). Protect your skin from UV rays by layering
Universal Illuminating Base SPF 25 
or the BB Cream SPF 30 PA +++ SHIGETA 

Back home, apply Melon Placenta EN Essence(accelerates and promotes the elimination of melanin.) It is recommended to prevent dullness.

Essence de Niacinamide
 STAR LIGHT Brightening serum 
 Niacinamide Essence

BB Crème SPF 30 - PA+++
Essence de Placenta de melon
BB Cream SPF 30 - PA+++
Brightening Melon Essence

Hydration & Barrier Function

Although the warm weather is starting to arrive, the temperature difference between morning and evening is noticeable and the air remains dry.

Most of the skin imbalances in the spring are thought to be related to "an alteration of the skin's barrier function".

Pollen, dust, and ultraviolet rays are more present and the skin is more sensitive to external stimuli. Its barrier function is unbalanced and it becomes more sensitive. 

It is recommended to use plenty of moisturizing lotion and balance the moisture and oil content of the skin with a milk-type lotion to support its barrier function and protect it from the external environment.


Eau de Ki lotion is recommended because it moisturizes and purifies the skin in one step.

In addition, REY Tokyo's HYDRATING SERUM is perfect for this season because it balances the skin's water and oil content and thus improves its barrier function. After use, the skin is plumped and luminous.

I would also like to recommend Lululun's 32 pack of moisturizing sheet masks for daily use to restore the skin's moisture level for a long time.

If you are looking for a less rich moisturizer than the one you use in the winter, I recommend you use the Lululun

If you are looking for a less rich moisturizer than the one you use in winter, I recommend the Waphyto moisturizing milk, its texture is very light but it brings enough comfort, suppleness and radiance.

 Lotion hydratante

Hydrating Lotion 
Hydrating serum Dual-Energy

Regena Facial Milk

Anti-stress & blood circulation

In early spring, it is warmer and some days are very hot.

It is recommended to massage the head to release excess heat in the body and balance the physical/emotional state.

The head contains various meridians that help reduce stress.

It is very important to reduce stress as it can disrupt hormonal balance, promote the overproduction of melanin, causing age spots and contribute to skin disorders.


Use a brush to massage the scalp.

The KENZAN Scalp Brush from uka is very pleasant during shampooing or before sleeping (the pink one for soft pressure, the black one for medium pressure, and the green one for very strong pressure).

They can be used to facilitate the penetration of hair care products such as the "Rebirth Serum", which contains Japanese and Chinese medicinal herbs.

The KOBAKO brush massages the scalp during brushing to save time and is perfect in the morning. 

To improve the blood circulation of the scalp while relieving tension in the body, you can also use the EKATO. acupressure roller which effectively relaxes the fascia with its acupressure needles. 

Finally, my favorite accessory lately is the heating pad, at the end of the day I use it to warm up the areas sore from the tension of the day.

Finally, in the spring when the mind tends to be emotionally unstable, as we are waking up from the cold winter.

It is better to move your body slowly by stretching or yoga instead of strenuous exercise.

The very best recommendation is walking! It is important to see the flowers in full bloom and make time to relax while enjoying nature.


March 24, 2023