Hyaluronic acid: the star of moisturising ingredients

L'acide hyaluronique : la star des ingrédients hydratants

Hyaluronic acid, also called “Hyaluronan”, is nowadays one of the best remedies for taming fine lines and wrinkles, thanks to its moisturizing benefits. Even though professional aesthetic doctors can inject it directly into the skin, the molecule can often be found in serums.  

  • Where does hyaluronic acid come from?

Discovered in 1934, hyaluronic acid, a mixture of Aminoglycan and uronic acid, is naturally present in our body. It is generally described as a kind of a sponge that restores the skin's elasticity and the freshness of its complexion.

Its quantity can vary from 50% to 70% and its production is constantly renewed. The problem? Each decade, we lose about 6% of it, gradually leading to sagging skin and wrinkles appearance. Its rate can even be halved from the age of 60. To remedy to this loss, there is nothing like the use of hyaluronic acid-based skincare.

  • Its moisturising benefits

    Its moisturizing properties help repulp the most mature and dehydrated skin. This active ingredient has a water retention capacity of up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

    Hyaluronic acid, thus, fills the intercellular spaces by mixing with water, leaving the skin soft and toned. Hyaluronic acid also protects against external aggressions.

    The molecule forms a protective barrier against UV rays or free radicals, known to be linked, for example, to smoking, malnutrition or alcohol… This ingredient also helps in the healing of the skin. Hyaluronic acid can calm redness and irritation, but also help rebuild damaged skin tissue.

    • Injection or serum ?

    Hyaluronic acid has been used since the 2000s, in the form of an injectable product. These procedures must be carried out by a professional aesthetic doctor and can sometimes involve risks: allergies, redness, itching, edema... Hyaluronic acid is however known to be less allergenic than collagen. Its ability to resorb after 6 to 18 months avoids the risk of lasting aesthetic incidents.

    On the other hand, the application of cosmetic products containing hyaluronic acid is very safe since it remains on the surface of the skin.


    • Its different molecular weights

    Injections or serums are two different solutions in terms of method and price, but also in terms of molecular weight. With a high molecular weight, hyaluronic acid, whose molecules are larger, acts on the surface of the epidermis, creating a protective barrier to prevent water from evaporating naturally from the skin. This action helps maintain good hydration throughout the day.

    With a low molecular weight, the smaller molecule acts deeper in the layers of the epidermis. This will activate the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid, plumping the skin from the inside and immediately filling in wrinkles.


    Acid hyaluronic-based products selection :

    The Dual Ha 7 days cure of Shigeta

    This one-week cure includes 7 vials enriched with hyaluronic acids to intensely plump up dehydrated skin.

    This format helps to deliver the right dose and preserve the quality of the serum which is applied to the skin immediately after being opened. I

    Its formula combines 2 types of hyaluronic acids: A medium-weight hyaluronic acid that penetrates the epidermis for immediate and visible hydration on the skin. A low-weight hyaluronic acid that penetrates the dermis for deep, long-lasting hydration.

    The IRÉN skin Quench-up serum

    This innovative serum has a thirst-quenching formula that combines multiple moisturizing agents to provide the skin with immediate hydration and better long-term water balance management.

    Among its 12 moisturizing ingredients are hyaluronic acid, blueberry and 4% NMF solution.

    Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid Essence by EN

    With its very small molecules, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid from EN, with very low molecular weight (molecules 100 times smaller than ordinary), is ultra-penetrating. Non-sticky, it penetrates and deeply hydrates the skin.

    Honey Lip Repair Serum by Shigeta

    A restorative lip treatment enriched with Bulgarian honey and hyaluronic acid to nourish, protect and coat the lips with a natural "glossy" veil.

    February 08, 2022