Body Meditation Roller


This massage roll with 272 needles is intended for body massage to relieve its countless fascias, soothe stiffness and swelling.

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This massage roller was created under the supervision of sports coach Yuka Hoshino. Its multiple needles are made of 5 different metals and are inspired by the traditional knowledge of acupuncture.

Massaging the body with the EKATO. Roller relieves fascia* on a daily basis, relieving tension, stiffness and swelling. It can release countless small, hard-to-reach fascias such as the scalp, face line, neck and fingertips.

The roller is made up of 272 needles placed on a medical grade silicone backing which, thanks to its cushioning properties, makes the practice painless. Among the five metals that form the needles, titanium has been selected for its ability to regulate the body's bio-current.

*The fascias are fibro-elastic membranes that engulf the entire anatomical structure.

A Body Meditation Roller, a storage base and an illustrated guide Body Meditation Roller How To Book.


Titanium, zinc, copper, nickel, iron and silicon.

How to use

Use the roller starting with your fingertips to the arm, then towards the head.

Comfortably relaxes the tensions around the shoulders.

Massage the face line and the scalp.

The roller can be used for the whole body, from the feet, the back, the pelvic area to the hips.


 The Body Meditation Roller is not waterproof. To keep the main unit clean, clean the roller after each use.
  • Use a brush and water to clean the roll.

  • Carefully wipe the entire roller with a dry cloth or a cotton swab to dry it completely.

  • Keep the roll in a well-ventilated place. The dirt or humidity present on the surface of the main unit can cause deterioration of the roller.

  • Do not associate the roller with organic solvents such as dissolvent, benzine, alcohol, paint diluent, that could cause discoloration, even the rust of the roller.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rouleau EKATO

Super produit !
Facile à utiliser, efficace (drainage et détente) et procure un sensation très agréable après utilisation !
Merci d’avoir déniché ce produit. ♥️

Delphine Boyer
Rouleau ekato

Une fois de plus je suis ravie de mon achat , le rouleau ekato est parfait pour détendre les facias et drainer les jambes , je le passe le soir sur les jambes ça me fait un bien fou .. je le recommande a 100 pour-cent merci encore à l’équipe bijo d’être aussi à l’écoute des clients

Excellent stress buster

I discovered an excellent tool to help relax tense muscles esp jawline, neck, shoulders & scalp. Also improves blood flow, the tingling feeling after just a few minutes use is rejuvenating and relaxing at the same time.

Great device

I bought it for a friend's birthday, and she was very happy with it. Great customer service.

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