Japanese beauty - the first steps to take

Do you want to learn more about Japanese beauty and take advantage of its many benefits on the quality of the skin, but do not really know where to start ? In this article, we introduce 3 simple steps you can take to get started with this new ritual.

1. Daily oil cleansing

One of the fundamental principles of Japanese beauty is to cleanse your skin properly (and every evening!) to purify it of the impurities accumulated during the day (pollution, dust, make-up…). This promotes skin regeneration, prevents pore clogging and oxidation. Yet, aggressive, scouring cleansing would be counterproductive: a mistreated skin tends to get dull and produce more sebum to defend itself. This is why Japanese women use an oily substance (oil, balm or milk) that they massage with their fingertips to remove all impurities without damaging the structure of the skin. 

To remove the oil, you simply need to rinse it with water using your hands or a konjac sponge. The oil then turns into milk and can be easily removed without damaging the skin’s natural lipid layer, leaving the skin cleansed, glowy and elastic.

If you are concerned about the oil cleansing leaving a greasy film on your skin, you can also try the double cleansing: a first cleansing with an oily substance followed by a cleansing with a very soft foam that protects the natural lipid layer of the skin. 

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2. Moisturize with lotion

When you are thirsty, you naturally reach for a tall glass of water rather than an avocado salad - because you are craving water, not fat. The skin is an organ, and like all our organs, it needs water.

This is why Japanese women always use a moisturizing lotion (morning and evening) before applying their cream or oil. This is because moisturizers with a large molecular weight stay on the surface of the skin to limit the evaporation of hydration.

If the skin is not previously soaked with water, chances are that the effectiveness of the cream will be reduced and the skin will still remain deeply thirsty. This simple step will radically transform your skin from the first use, leaving it softer, plumper and glowy. 

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3. Protect yourself from UVA rays

You have probably heard about Japanese women’s passion for sun protection and you might not feel concerned by this desire to achieve a milky skin tone. But still, sun protection is above all the best anti-aging treatment! In fact, sun damage is responsible for 80% of visible skin aging (wrinkles, spots, dull complexion,…). Let's take a quick look at UV rays and their impact on the skin:

UVB - B for burn.

UVB rays damage the surface of the skin and are responsible for sunburn and some types of cancers. These are the ones we know best. We are more exposed to them in the summer, this is why we protect ourselves with sun creams whose SPF gives us information on the level of protection.

UVA - A for age.

UVA rays penetrate deeper  and are responsible for wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity. Unfortunately, we are exposed to them all year round! They are present even on cloudy days and can penetrate through windows. The UVA protection indicator of a sunscreen is the PA+.

In this way, adding a BB cream or a highlighting base with a PA+++ protection indicator to your morning routine will protect your skin from UVA rays and prevent premature aging. matureé.

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