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Alty Cleansing Brush

Vegan and sustainable cleaning brush. 

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Designed to resemble the natural softness of goat hair, the ALTY brushes are made of Kanegoat, an extremely fine synthetic fiber (50 microns) whose 290 000 filaments are individually sharpened by traditional Japanese brush craftsmen.

The Kanegoat fiber ensures a smooth yet effective cleansing that respects the skin’s structure. The uneven surface of the filaments cleans the pores and the fine lines from accumulated impurities and dead cells. After use, the complexion is brighter and skincare better absorbed.

The brush’s handle is delicately carved in Hinoki wood (Japanese cypress). This strong material with an antibacterial effect gives the brush a longer duration of use.


Brush: Kanegoat
Brush handle : Hinoki wood (Japanese Cypress)


45mm x 75mm

How to use

The cleansing ritual:

- Drybrush: softly brush the face towards the lymphatic gland situated behind the ears, then brush down the neck towards the armpits.

- Foam cleansing: soak the brush with water and create foam by circularly massaging soap in the palm of the hand then massage the face in circles and rinse.

- After use, whether drybrush or soap cleansing, apply a moisturizer


After use, thoroughly rinse with water to get rid of soap and firmly squeeze with the thumb and index. Leave the brush to dry in a moist free environment.

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Un vrai plaisir de se nettoyer avec cette magnifique brosse

Elle est vraiment douce, c’est vraiment très agréable de se nettoyer le visage avec. J’ai l’impression de faire un soin en institut tellement qu’elle est douce , elle me caresse le visage.
Je l’a frotte délicatement sur le savon bizen, mon visage est bien nettoyé et prête à recevoir mes soins.

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