MISOKA toothbrush


This revolutionary Japanese toothbrush cleans and polishes teeth effectively thanks to a special coating applied to the bristles.

No need for toothpaste, it is replaced by minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and sodium. The teeth are deeply cleaned and polished, effectively removing plaque and preventing dirt from adhering.

Made in Japan

Read the Interview with the Founder Yohei Tsuji 

More information
  • Mineral coating technology

The bristles of the toothbrush polish the teeth to remove dirt and prevent it from adhering, thanks to a mineral coating of magnesium, calcium, and sodium applied to the bristles of the toothbrush.

  • Eco-friendly brushing

The MISOKA toothbrush contributes to environmental protection by limiting the amount of water needed to effectively brush teeth to just one glass, as water is only used to wet the bristles and rinse the mouth and brush.

  • Gentle brushing that improves oral health

The daily polishing prevents dirt from adhering throughout the day, so brushing is only necessary in the morning and evening.

Scientific study results have shown that the remineralization rate is twice as high and plaque suppression is 99.9% more effective with the mineral coating of the MISOKA brush.


Mineral coating: magnesium, calcium, and sodium

Classic brush : Delivered in a cardboard packaging

  • Handle material: Resin
  • Brush type/Material: Soft/Nylon
  • Brush stiffness: Soft
  • Resistant to temperatures up to: 60 °C
  • Size: 189 mm x 15 mm
  • Bristle length: 10 mm

Bamboo brush : Delivered in a reusable biopolymer zippered bag.

  • Handle material: Bamboo
  • Brush type/Material: Standard/Nylon
  • Brush stiffness: Normal
  • Resistant to temperatures up to: 60 °C
  • Size: 173 mm x 13 mm
  • Bristle length: 10 mm

Usage tips

Pour water into a glass and dip the bristles of the brush in it.

The MISOKA brush allows you to experience the sensation of deep and refreshing brushing.


Pour water into a glass.


Dip the bristles of the brush in the water.


Brush the teeth gently.


Rinse the mouth with water.

After use, rinse the brush with water and store it in a clean and well-ventilated place.

To achieve the same freshness as with a regular toothpaste, complete the brushing with a mouthwash.

After brushing your teeth with MISOKA, the smooth finish typically lasts until evening.

After lunch or a snack, simply rinse your mouth with a glass of water.

Change the brush every months>

Study results on the benefits

According to the results of a study conducted by the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at Osaka University, the use of a MISOKA toothbrush with a mineral coating offers several benefits for oral health:

  • Tooth remineralization: The MISOKA toothbrush promotes tooth remineralization, a natural process that protects tooth enamel by helping prevent demineralization caused by acids. Study participants showed twice as much remineralization with the MISOKA brush compared to a toothbrush without a mineral coating.
  • Suppression of plaque accumulation: The study also revealed that the MISOKA toothbrush had a significant effect in suppressing the accumulation of dental plaque. Compared to a toothbrush without a mineral coating, the MISOKA brush is 99.9% more effective in reducing dental plaque.

It is important to note that the mineral coating technology of MISOKA seems to offer superior benefits even compared to a high-concentration fluoride toothpaste.

By using a Misoka toothbrush, you can contribute to maintaining healthy teeth and a radiant smile.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Après l'utilisation mes dents sont très lisses, c'est très agréable. J'en suis à ma 3eme brosse. Je l'utilise quand même avec un bain de bouche ou du dentifrice pour la fraicheur mais je sens une difference.


J’aime son petit format qui protège mes gencives. Après utilisation les dents sont toutes lisses, c’est agréable.

Meryem Sebti
Pas vraiment efficace

Je me suis brossé les dents avec application mais je n'ai rien noté de particulier par rapport à une brosse à dents ordinaire sans dentifrice !

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