Steam Face Towel


The KOBAKO Imabari steam towel provides a gentle and deep face cleansing using water vapor and cotton fibers. A relaxing ritual that doesn’t require the use of foam or cleansing gel.

Designed by renowned makeup artist Hiromi Yamamoto, the towel features a cotton gauze side and a terrycloth side for:

• AWAKENING (the face)⁠
• CLEANSING (impurities and dead cells)
• DRAINING (blood flow)


This towel bears the prestigious Japanese quality label "Imabari" which guarantees its softness and durability over time.

Cotton 95%
Synthetic silk 5% 


34 x 35 cm 

How to use

To prepare the steam towel:

1. Fold the towel in half (with the terry cloth side out) and roll it up 2/3.

2. Pour 150-200 ml (about a glass) of hot water (45-50 ° C) on the partially rolled up towel.

3. Finish rolling up the towel and lightly wring out excess water.

Using the steam towel:

AWAKENING. Unroll and unfold the towel before placing the gauze side over the entire face, applying gentle pressure until it cools. (You can repeat this step twice for best results).

CLEANSING. Use the terry cloth flower to clean around the eyes and nose with small circles.

DRAINING. Fold the towel into a triangle (with the terrycloth side out) and use the ends to apply pressure around the ears and promote lymphatic circulation. Then wipe the neck and décolleté in a downward motion to accompany the drainage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Delphine Boyer
Serviette vapeur

Je suis très satisfaite de la serviette vapeur ! C’est particulièrement agréable ça délasse les traits du visage je recommande

Christiane JULIEN

Serviette vapeur nettoyante pour le visage

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