Nail files (Square)


BLACK-GREY RANGE (Square or square with rounded corners)

N°1: This design corresponds to thick, hard nails and gel nails.

N°2: This design corresponds to normal nails.

N°3: This design corresponds to thin nails or for finishing.

More information

It’s difficult to achieve the same nail designs for all 10 fingers.

These revolutionary triangular prism files will ease your daily life! They mimic the manicure techniques of professionals.

You just have to place your fingernail on the prism and slide the nail from right to left to get the shape you want.

The different designs adapt to each type of thickness and provide a regular result on each finger.

The pink design files your nails on a rounded shape and the grey design on a square shape.

BLACK-GREY RANGE (Square-off or square with rounded corners) - The angle is set at 45 degrees.

Made in Japan.


Main part: ABS resin
Polisher: ceramic



How to use

Place the pulp of your fingers on the smooth part of the nail file and place your nailtip against the file portion. 
File the nail by sliding it left and right.
Finish by moving in the same direction a couple of times.

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