Classic handcrafted nail clipper


Japanese nail clippers from SUWADA are renowned around the world for their exceptional cut.

More information

Every nail clipper is meticulously handcrafted by local artisans in Niigata.It takes about a month and 55 manufacturing steps to create a  SUWADA Nail Clipper.

Its curved blades are unique in the world and allow a perfectly clean cut of the three layers of the nail keratin. The smooth finish doesn't require filing after cutting.

The classic SUWADA nail clipper is made with a satin finish, making it more scratch resistant.

Characteristics :
* Satin finish
* Cylindrical inner spring (Suwada patent)
* Curved blades
* Entirely handmade in Japan

Made with high carbon stainless steel. 

Tips for use
After 10 years of use, the nail clipper blades can be sharpened by SUWADA craftsmen or a professional sharpener. This nail clipper can be kept for life.

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