Adjustable Nail Clipper


A precise and regular cut.

More information

This nail clipper has an adjustable stopper inside to help trim nails evenly. The adjuster of the stopper has two settings, 1 mm and 2 mm. 

Made by the Japanese cutler KAI, it allows you to cut your nails regularly, properly and precisely.

Made in Japan.


Blades: stainless steel
Stopper: stainless steel
Lever: stainless steel, elastomer
Case: elastomer



How to use

1. Turn the lever, and turn the flower-shaped dial behind the clipper to set the stopper.
2. Apply a nail perpendicularly against the stopper.
3. Start trimming from the side along with the nail shape.

The stopper has two settings : 1mm and 2mm.

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