Cul de Sac HIBA

Wild incense spray


Wild incense spray for room and fabric purification.

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This HIBA wild incense indoor spray purifies fabrics and air thanks to the antibacterial properties of HIBA essence. 

Naturally antiseptic, HIBA wood is also a soothing aromatic that has many beneficial properties for our interiors:

1. ANTIBACTERIAL: contains Hinokitiol and Dolabrin
3. INSECT REPULSION: keeps termites, mites, mosquitoes and cockroaches away.

This is the main reason hiba wood has always been a favorite species for the construction of Japanese temples and imperial villas.


Hiba Essential Oil is vapor extracted from waste lumber harvested from 250 year-old trees - it contains 40 molecules including Hinokitiol and Dolabrin. 

Hiba essential oil
Hiba water from vapor extraction


50 ml - 100 ml - 350 ml


Tips for use

Spray generously to spread essential oil and freshen ambient air (room, office, car) or fabrics (clothes, furnishings).


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