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Terahertz GuaSha Tool


Terahertz massage tools are known for their unique quality of producing high thermal conductivity in the skin. 

By delivering heat into the skin, terahertz frequencies stimulate circulation, cellular metabolism, and oxygenation, which increases the natural healing and repair of skin tissues. 

More informations

Terahertz gemstone is a man-made mineral created by extracting silica from quartz and sand. Japanese scientists discovered that it naturally emits a powerful far infrared wavelength, called Terahertz wave, which is known to be a deeply healing.

Terahertz frequencies are abundant in the universe and our bodies, and are used in many wellbeing applications.

Benefits of Gua sha massage :

- Boosts circulation

- Stimulates lymphatic drainage

- Relieves tensions

- Improves the texture and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Features of the Terahertz Gua sha


1. Accupressure terahertz ball for eye-contour and beauty points stimulation

2. Magnetic stones to increase fluid circulation and skincare penetration

3. Forehead, cheeks and jaw line edge

4. Neck and shoulders edge

5. Abdomen, arms and legs edge


Terahertz, Magnetic stone, zinc alloy

15 x 5 cm 

How to use

Precautions of use

Do not use on wounds • Do not use if you are allergic to metals • If you have any concerns about using this product on your skin, do a patch test on a small area of the body that is less visible.

Care instructions

Can be used with oils, creams or just with a cold ice application. Please gently rinse your tool with water after each use. It can be dried using a gentle microfiber cloth. Terahertz is still a fragile stone, so we recommend storage in a dry secure place.

How to use

Using traditional gua sha massage techniques, the stone can be used in two ways.

1). In its natural state which will bring blood circulation directly into the skin.

2). The tool can also be placed in a bowl of ice, thus turning into a cryogenic massage tool for the skin reducing inflammation.

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Karine Turco
Top !

J’aime beaucoup cet outil que j’utilise pour les soins. Le service client est très réactif et à l’écoute. Merci à toute l’équipe ☺️
Je recommande !

Nathalie Memran
Gua sha

Gua sha très agréable à utiliser

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