Skin Refining Gel


Gentle non-abrasive exfoliator in the form of a gel for a unique gum effect. 

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A typical Japanese gel exfoliator with a unique gum effect: in contact with the skin, it creates a film that attracts dead skin cells and sebum excess. Then you just have to rub it gently to discover its gum effect typical of Japanese exfoliators.

The Skin Refining Gel is a very soft alternative to harsh exfoliatiors. Water-based, It is packed with a unique mix of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory Kampo herbs that calm irritation, even and brighten skin tone. It is suitable for very sensitive skin conditions.

The KI element here enhances blood circulation and gently removes dead skin cells, enabling your skin to renew itself.



Kampo consists of a system of essentially three substance concepts: KI, KETSU, and SUI.

KI is energy fundamental to living things. KETSU and SUI represent the concepts of blood and bodily fluids.

In the belief of Kampo, a blocked circulation or an unbalanced condition can lead to illness. A healthy state of the human condition - and a beautiful skin - is the result of free, unrestrained circulation of KI, KETSU and SUI.

Ki - Energy flow:

An unhealthy skin tone, and a general ‘tired-looking skin’ often refers back to Ki-insufficiency. The skin literally has run out of energy. Energy to renew itself (i.e. shed old skin cells and produce new ones), energy to get the blood circulation going, and getting the important nutrients to the surface.

Ketsu - Blood nutrition:

Ever noticed that with age our skin sometimes looks like a balloon from which you have let the air out? Our once firm, bouncy cheeks look sunken and pale. That is a sign that we need extra nutrient power via our blood cells for more density, plumpness and moisture. It is the Kampo way to get the volume back to where it belongs.

Sui - Hydration:

If your skin looks really dehydrated and kind of crinkled up like an unironed linen shirt, that's a sure sign that it lacks a lot of hydration and important nutrients. Hydration is not only important to make skin look smooth as silk - the liquid properties in our skin are also needed to transport the nutrients from blood to skin cells and vice versa.

Kihada bark: This plant helps to clarify skin with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The bark extracts are rich in berberine, one of the most powerful compounds which has been found to have an anti-aging effect on skin.

Maguwa root: This plant is known to calm signs of irritation, even skin tone, and lighten age spots with antioxidant properties.

100% :

・ Without essential oils or synthetic perfume ・ without mineral oil ・ vegan

Complete ingredient list:
water(3), glycerin(1), acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer(2), dicocodimonium chloride(1), phellodendron amurense (kihada) bark extract(1), morus alba (maguwa) root extract(1), butylene glycol(2), behentrimonium chloride(1), lauryl betaine(1),(2), pectin(1), sucrose(1), isopropyl alcohol(2)

1 plant / 2 synthetic / 3 natural origin

How to use

Application: use 2 to 3 times a week, gently massaging product onto clean, dry skin in circular movements from forehead to chin. Don’t be surprised by the eraser-effect: the gel reacts with the epidermis, gently removing dead skin cells. Avoid eye area. Rinse, and enjoy polished, refreshed, thoroughly cleansed skin.

Routine: after a deep cleansing and before any other product, use the Skin Refining Gel to remove your daily accumulated dead skin. This extra gentle peeling will clear your pores and help your skin to absorbed better your skincare products.

Bijo's Tips

Use it on the lips before applying lipstick.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
doux et efficace

Produit très doux pour les peaux sensibles et super efficace, il retire toutes les peaux mortes et laisse la peau douce et illuminée.

Marie C
Excellent produit

Produit très doux qui enlève les points noirs et purifie la peau sans l’irriter. Très agréable à l’usage par sa texture et son odeur. Je l’utilise deux à trois fois par semaine, combiné à un exfoliant qui fait ressortir les impuretés. Je le recommande vivement.

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