Exfoliating Washi Paper Towel


Exfoliating Washi paper towel - natural or infused with active charcoal

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Woven with the naturally soft and resistant fibers of washi paper, this exfoliating towel transports you into the world of Japanes bathing and leaves a pleasant feeling of softness after use.

The towel may appear rough on the first use, but it softens over time and lasts a very long time.

MAKANAI washi paper towels have been awarded gold in the Omotenashi selection competiton. It is an event that rewards products symbolizing a concept unique to the Japanese culture: the art of hospitality.

Bamboo charcoal: Infused with activated charcoal (deodorizing and relaxing).

Loops: Softwood Washi Pulp (mainly Pine) 100%,

Base: Cotton 97%, Rayon 3%

* Black coloring: obtained from bamboo charcoal


25 x 100 cm

Usage tips

Double weaving in cotton and washi (Japanese paper).

Composed in two parts, one exfoliates and the other gently cleanses the skin.

1. Wet the body towel and add soap or shower gel to lather.

2. Pass the towel on the washi side over your skin to exfoliate your body and areas difficult to access, such as the back.

3. Wring the body towel after use and hang dry.

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