LuLuLun Sheet Mask MOIST + 45


Pack of MOIST + 45 serum infused sheet masks to restore moisture and elasticity to mature skin that lacks firmness. 

The luxurious 3-layer structure of the masks allows for perfect adhesion to the face so that the active ingredients can be optimally absorbed.

Packs of 7 masks or 32 masks for daily or weekly use. 


- Galacto extract: its second skin effect supports the skin's barrier function, protects it from external stimuli, retains moisture, and provides firmness.

- Iris root extract: rich in flavonoids and isoflavones to provide firmness and radiance. 

- Extracts of the fruit of jujube and rose of the Alps: bring firmness and elasticity.

- Yellow peanut leaf extract: supports the skin in the face of declining estrogen production. 

All the ingredients:
Eau, glycérine, BG, glycereth-26, PPG-10 methyl glucose, extrait de fruit de Caesalpinia spinosa, extrait de Cappa ficus albaregii, extrait de racine d'iris, extrait de Rhododendron ferrugineum, extrait de fruit de jujube, extrait de feuille de kouki, extrait de graine de coing, acide hyaluronique Na. Acide hyaluronique Na, isostéarate de polyglycéryle-10, gomme xanthane, EDTA-2Na, acide citrique, citrate de sodium, phénoxyéthanol, méthylparabène

How to use

After thoroughly cleansing the skin, apply the cloth mask to the face.

Leave the mask on for about 10 minutes before gently removing it.

Massage the excess emulsion into the skin without rinsing.

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Masques très hydratants; après la pose, encore imprégnés, application sur cou et décolleté

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