KOBAKO manicure set


The KOBAKO manicure kit contains three reusable anti-dust cloths, a 4-sided nail buffer, and a stainless steel nail file. 

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Stainless Steel Nail File: The rougher side adjusts the length and shape of the nails. The other side is ideal for finishing.

4-Sided Nail Buffer: Used for preparation, it smoothes the surface of the nails before applying a treatment (faces 1 and 2).
Used for finishing, it polishes the nails for a natural shiny effect (faces 3 and 4).

It can also be used for touch-ups to restore shine to the polish.
This buffer has the advantage of having a large polishing surface in contact with the nail and a flexible center for ideal flexibility, so it is not necessary to press too hard.

Anti-Dust Cloths: Three fabric flowers to remove nail polish, cuticules and dust after filing.


Nail File: artificial diamond, stainless steel. Handle: polycarbonate

4-Sided Nail Buffer: polyester body

Anti-Dust Cloths: polyester


Nail File: File the nails in the same direction to shorten them and shape their form.

Anti-Dust Cloths: Soak the fabric flowers with nail polish remover and rub them on the surface of the nails to remove the polish. Use them dry to remove dust after filing and buffing.

4-Sided Nail Buffer: Smooth the surface of the nails by rubbing them with the rougher sides of the buffer (1 and 2), remove dust with a special cloth, and apply a treatment. To make the nails shine, polish the surface with the smoother sides (3 and 4). Side 4 can also be used on polish to revive its shine.

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