Elemense Incense


Box of 40 elemense incense sticks.

Elemense incense comes in five fragrances representing the five elements: Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal, and Water. These elements are the components of all things in the universe according to the ancient Chinese philosophy of the "Five Elements Theory".

The enchanting fragrances of elemense incense transform the atmosphere of a room. During the 30 minutes of burning, the fragrances delicately unfold. The base note persists while another note emerges and fades quickly. Each note is unique, yet they blend harmoniously.

suou 蘇枋 Wood

Cultivates a love for others by allowing an appreciation of plants and flowers.
Main notes: Lily of the valley / Oakmoss / Amber / Sandalwood

suou is inspired by the "Wood" element. The intertwined floral scent transitions from lily of the valley to moss and then to complex yet gentle amber, ending with sandalwood. This gentle fragrance will gently guide you to euphoria.

kiyobi 浄火 Fire

Purifies the mind and body by eliminating negative thoughts.
Main notes: Hinoki / Cedarwood / Sandalwood / Agarwood

kiyobi is inspired by the "Fire" element. The fragrance begins with the radiant purity of hinoki conifer, then releases the sweetness of sandalwood and agarwood. It is soft and fresh as it fades.
nukubai 温灰 Earth

Heals loneliness and brings peace of mind through the warmth of ashes.
Main Notes: Vanilla / Tobacco / Patchouli / Sandalwood

nukubai takes inspiration from the "Earth" element. The fragrance envelops you in warmth, diffusing a gentle scent. It also reveals a hint of smoke before transitioning into the deep and refined aroma of sandalwood. It fills the room with tenderness.

tetsukon 鉄紺 Water

Awakens a sense of determination as strong as iron and ignites clarity as pure as spring water.
Main Notes: Bergamot / Violet / Cedarwood / Agarwood

tetsukon takes inspiration from the "water" element. The vibrant and citrusy scent of bergamot transitions into the delicate violet, followed by the tone of cedarwood layered with the valiant tone of agarwood.

sekishin 石心 Metal

Sets intentions as solid and enduring as a rock.
Main Notes: Pink Pepper / Everlasting / Labdanum / Agarwood

sekishin takes inspiration from the "Metal" element. The bright note of pink pepper transitions into a green note. Agarwood emerges afterward, leaving a powerful final note.

[Component] Machilus dry bark powder, fragrance
[Box Size] 65 x 170 x 20 (mm)
[Contents] 40 incense sticks and a metal incense holder
[Incense Burning Time] Approximately 30 minutes

You can enjoy these fragrances in a closed room or open your windows and let yourself be carried away by their intoxicating scent. Each incense stick burns for approximately 30 minutes. savor the fresh note and appreciate the residual effect as the final note fades away.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joelle Zerbib
Encens elemense

La combustion est élégante. L odeur que nous adorons est subtile mais durable. Je recommande

Merci beaucoup pour votre retour sur l'encens Elemense ! Je suis ravie de lire que vous en êtes satisfaite ! Bien à vous, Léa de l'équipe Bijo;

Edwige Gaumont

Encens elemense

Un très beau cadeau

Je les ai offert à une amie pour son anniversaire. La boîte est très belle, le petit porte encens est pratique pour essayer l’encens directement. Le parfum est une merveille, délicat mais il parfume toute la pièce. Des 5 senteurs c’est mon favoris. Merci pour la recommendation !

laurent bengio

L’experience est toujours un plaisir incroyable tant avec les produits qu’avec l’équipe

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