Cul de Sac HIBA

Hiba wood chips


Sachet of undried Hiba wood chips

More information

These HIBA wood chips purify ambient air or closets.

Natural antiseptic, HIBA wood is also a soothing aromatic that has many beneficial properties for our interiors:

1. ANTIBACTERIAL: contains Hinokitiol and Dolabrin
3. INSECT REPULSION: keeps termites, mites, mosquitoes and cockroaches away.

This is the main reason hiba wood has always been a favorite species for the construction of Japanese temples and imperial villas.


Aomori Hiba wood chips




Tips for use

Place the Hiba chips in a small container in a room or closet so that the aroma spreads. You can also leave them in the cloth sachet.  


Bijo's tips

When the aroma starts to fade, pour a few Hiba oil drops on the raw chips to renew the freshness.

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