SUVÉ Nose cleansing brush


Cleansing brush for delicate face contours made with natural squirrel hair and walnut handle

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The hair of SHAQUDA brushes are cut by hand, one by one, in a traditional Kumano-based workshop, according to an ancestral tradition.

This intriguing brush features natural squirrel hair to gently cleanse the delicate contours and the T-zone with an easy touch and gentle feeling.

It removes sebum and impurities that clog the pores.


Hair: hand-cut pine squirrel hair
Handle: Walnut wood



Package: W711xD132xH53mm


Tips for use 


Soak the brush tip with lukewarm water and lather your soap with it. Then pass the brush over your skin (nose and T-zone) with gentle, circular movements. You can also use it behind your ears!

We recommend using it once to three times a week, depending on the state of your skin, in order to remove dead skin and encrusted impurities and achieve smoother skin.

To clean the brush:

1. Rinse the brush under running water to clean it. If soap remains in the bristles, it may cause mold and premature deterioration of the brush.

2. Gently press the bristles of the brush with your fingers, if the water flowing out is still soapy rinse again thoroughly.

3. Let the cleaned brush dry and store it in a ventilated place.


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