JIVA body brush


Luxurious body brush, natural hair and walnut handle.

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The hair of SHAQUDA body brushes are cut by hand, one by one, in a traditional workshop based in Kumano, according to an ancestral tradition.

Each brush is available in two hair types: soft or hard.

The soft version, made of goat hair, creates a creamy foam and gently cleanses the skin with the greatest softness. It is suitable for sensitive skin and children. 

The hard version, a perfectly balanced mix of wild boar hair, black goat hair and synthetic hair, is firmer than the soft version. It is recommended for deep cleansing and sebum removal. It keeps all its volume even when wet.

Double-tiered brush head construction combines three different bristle textures and lengths to create an innovative body brush with just the right amount of spring.

The unique arrangement of the bristles allows to choose the way the brush feels against the skin— side to side for a gentler touch or up and down for a firmer scrub.


Soft version

Hair: hand-cut goat hair and synthetic hair
Handle: Walnut wood

Hard version

Hair: hand-cut boar hair, goat hair and synthetic hair
Handle: walnut wood


Brush: W60xD350xH65mm

Package: W69xD364xH69mm

How to use

Soak the brush tip with lukewarm water and lather your soap with it. Then pass the brush over your skin side to side for a gentler touch or up and down for a firmer scrub.

To clean the brush:

1. Rinse the brush under running water to clean it. If soap remains in the bristles, it may cause mold and premature deterioration of the brush.

2. Gently press the bristles of the brush with your fingers, if the water flowing out is still soapy rinse again thoroughly.

3. Let the cleaned brush dry and store it in a ventilated place.

Bijo's tips

Use the dry brush for body massage and lymphatic drainage. 

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