Box of 6 incense leaves - black selection

This set includes a handmade black paper box, 6 leaves of HA KO incense and a piece of non-combustible felt.

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There are three incense scents: relax, focus and sleep.

Relax: promotes deep relaxation. The woody scents of vetiver, hiba and cypress evoke a forest environment that perfumes the room and soothes the mind.

Fragrance ingredients: Vetiver, Hinoki, Hiba, Bergamot etc.

Focus: promotes concentration. The energizing scents of lemongrass, peppermint and cloves stimulate the mind and alertness.

Fragrance ingredients: Gloves, lemongrass, peppermint, geranium etc. 

Sleep: promotes restful sleep. The tranquilizing scents of patchouli, sweet honey and lavender bring a sense of stability and calm.

Fragrance Ingredients: Lavender, Cedar, Patchouli.

HA KO incense leaves are cut from naturally scented paper by Koh-Shi masters on the island of Awaji. Each model is finely cut in the image of a tree leaf which perfume it carries.

Refined, subtle and full of poetry, HA KO incense leaves can be presented in a potpourri for a long and sweet diffusion. They can also be burned like a traditional incense which, while being consumed, diffuses a more intense but just as delicate scent.


Black paper, incense, black paper box, incense mat


Φ97 mm × h 36 mm

How to use

Potpourri: Put incense leaves on a plate or in a bowl for 3 months until their sweet scent dissipates.

Combustion: Put the non-combustible felt in the center of a small plate. Place the incense leaf on the felt and light the tip of the leaf. Burning time is 5-7 minutes and the fragrance is more intense.

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Nathalie Memran

La feuille est vraiment très petite

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