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ALTY x Bijo; small body cleaning brush


The fascinating softness of Alty Japanese brushes.  

290,000 50-micron filaments deeply cleanse the skin while respecting its structure. 

The brush handle is carefully carved from Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) wood. This solid essence with antibacterial properties means it lasts longer.

3 types: face brush, short body brush and long body brush.

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Designed to resemble the natural softness of goat hair, the ALTY brushes are made of Kanegoat, an extremely fine synthetic fiber (50 microns) whose 290 000 filaments are individually sharpened by traditional Japanese brush craftsmen.

The Kanegoat fiber ensures a smooth yet effective cleansing that respects the skin’s structure. The uneven surface of the filaments cleans the pores and the fine lines from accumulated impurities and dead cells.

The brush's handle is nor too big or too small, perfect for body cleaning. It is delicately carved in Hinoki wood (Japanese cypress). This strong material with an antibacterial effect gives the brush a longer duration of use.


Brush : Kanegoat 
Brush handle : Hinoki wood (Japanese Cypress)


55mm x 160mm

How to use

The cleaning ritual :

- Dry brushing: brush skin gently on the desired areas.

- Foam cleaning: moisten the brush, sail the soap on the brush by performing circular movements with the hand's palm, and massage the whole body by making small circles, before rinsing.

- After brushing (dry brushing or foam cleaning), apply moisturizing care.

How to keep clean after use :

After use, thoroughly rinse with water to get rid of soap and firmly squeeze with the thumb and index. Leave the brush to dry in a moist free environment.

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