3D Multi face Brush


Make-up brush for applying loose and pressed powder or powder foundation

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The multi-face 3D brush perfectly matches all facial shapes for uniform application of the powder. Its angled shape allows the natural hair of the brush to cover the flat areas of the face as well as the fine reliefs around the nose and eyes.

This versatile shape is also suitable for the application of dimensional shading and blush.


Hair: hand-cut goat hair 
Body: Ash wood


Total length: 95mm
Length of hair: 40mm


Tips for use


- Finishing
- Powder foundation
- Blush 
- Shading 

To clean the brush:

1. Moisten the brush with lukewarm water and soap to gently wash the hair of the brush.
2. Rinse the hair thoroughly under running water until the water runs clear.
3. Occasionally, we recommend to soften the hair of the brush with a treatment to retain the natural state of the brush. You can use your hair conditioner for example and rinse it thoroughly.
4. Rinse thoroughly under running water, then dry the hair with a towel and gently adjust the hair to their original shape.
5. Place the brush on a towel until it is dry.
※ Drying may take a few days depending on weather conditions.

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