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Brush for hands and nails

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The hair of SHAQUDA body brushes are cut by hand, one by one, in a traditional workshop based in Kumano, according to an ancestral tradition.

This intriguing brush is designed with two hair types: a soft part in raccoon hair and a harder part in badger hair.

It can be used for invigorating hand massage or for nail care.


Hair: hand-cut badger hair and raccoon hair
Handle: Walnut wood


Package: W117xD132xH53mm

Tips for use

1. On the back of the hand, using the black hair part, brush each finger 3 times from its base to the nail.

2. Then three times from the base of each finger to the wrists.

3. On the palm side, brush the forearm 5 times, from the base of the wrist to the inside of the elbow.

4. Press the base of each finger for 5 seconds using a rocking motion. (Palm side)

5. Press the center of the palm for 10 seconds with a rocking motion. (Palm side)

6. Brush in a circular motion from the center of the palm to the outside using the brown hair part. (Palm side)

7. Dividing the hand into 3 areas, brush each area from the wrist to the fingertips 3 times, using the entire brush. (Palm side)

Maintenance after use: Clean the brush by rinsing it with water. Then let it dry in a well-ventilated area.

Bijo's tips

Some of our clients also use it for lymphatic facial drainage!

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Bulle de spa
Brosse Suvé

Super brosse , je l’utilise dans ma manucure japonaise mes clientes adorent.

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