Artisanal tea set

This Asahi Yaki tea set is entirely handcrafted in Uji according to a tradition that has been passed down for 16 generations. 

Intended for the preparation of Japanese tea, it includes a hônin teapot, a yuzamashi and two sencha cups in celadon blue enameled porcelain.

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The hôhin-type teapot is traditionally intended for the preparation of superior teas which are infused with lukewarm water. 

The Asahi Yaki hônin is perfectly designed; the filter, of great finesse, is made of 150 holes, the "three-day moon" opening prevents "leaks" when pouring, the recessed rim on the other side simplifies tea leaves removal after use and the lid fits perfectly.

The yuzamashi, a cooling bowl, is used to temper the tea brewing water. This one, in blue enameled porcelain, is both simple and elegant, in perfect harmony with the finesse of Japanese grand cru teas. 

The two sencha cups are modeled in the shape of an '' asagao '' flower (which means morning glory in Japanese). This subtle variation of the curve of the cup allows tea to be enjoyed with grace.

The inside of each cup is enamelled in white to fully appreciate the color of the tea. 



Celadon blue glazed Uji porcelain.


Hohin teapot: 100 × 75mm, 150ml
Sencha Celadon cup: 10.5x10.5x8 190 g
Yuzamashi bowl: 98 × 55 mm, 150 ml

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