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Beauty roller anti-ageing 

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Ancestral knowledge and cutting-edge technologies combined in a high-performance beauty roller for a natural and relaxing face lift.

After 3 minutes of use the skin is firmed and the skincare penetrates deeper into the epidermis.

After 3 weeks of use (2 to 3 times a day) the texture of the skin is smoother and more transparent, pores appearance is reduced, face muscles are more pulpy and facial shapes are redefined.

- The 5 rollers of the Slim Cera Classic reproduce the hand movements of a beautician, while the exerted pressures stimulate the " cosmetic points " of the facial muscles. * Patent 3087105

- The diamond-shaped surface of the rollers* extracts and eliminates pore impurities. * Design patent 1135541

- The ceramic inside the roll head is made of 10 different minerals that stimulate the skin, leaving it softer and more radiant.

- The handle contains 99.999% pure germanium handcrafted in Japan.


Semi-precious stones are more than beautiful jewels. They carry a vibratory force that has been known for thousands years. By grinding and mixing different stones together, SLIM CERA has created a ceramic that contains 10 kinds of these minerals.

All are known for their benefits on the skin microorganism. Thanks to their magnetism, the minerals reorganize the different energy flows that circulate in the skin and thus promote its balance.

- The Moonstone: supposed to reduce acne and skin disorders by balancing hormones.

- Magnetite: supposedly anti-inflammatory; helps maintain healthy skin and hair.

- Tourmaline: supposedly beneficial to activate healing and blood circulation, promotes healing of skin diseases.

- Rutile Quartz: supposed to stimulate the endocrine glands and act on the hormonal problems.

- Zeolite:reputed for its great ability to absorb toxins, heavy metals, pesticides and mycotoxins, powerful antioxidant.

- GermaniumGermanium is found in Garlic, Ginseng, Aloe Vera and Kombucha. The Germanium atom carries negative electric charges. Our current urban lifestyle routinely exposes us to harmful positive ions (mobile phones, computers, chemicals, acid rain, and ultraviolet light). Once in contact with human skin, negatively charged ions of germanium atoms attract harmful molecules with positively charged ions. As a result, the negative ions of Germanium help purify the skin and balance the load of the epidermis.

Complete list of components :
ABS resin, polyacetal, stainless steel, magnetic ceramic, ceramic, germanium


189 x 32 x 15 mm

How long it will last

One-year guarantee

How to use

The results are quickly visible for those who use Slim Cera 3 minutes, 3 times a day:

Use on the face :

- Forehead: Roll Slim Cera from left to right following the hair roots and from top to bottom on the area between eyebrows.

- Cheeks: Gently roll the device from the chin to the under eyes zone several times.

- The outer corner of the eyes: As the skin is very thin, hold the device head to massage delicately.

- The under eye: The skin is very thin, hold the head of the device to gently massage or use the back of the device.

- Eyelids: As the skin of the eyelids is very thin, use directly the back side of the Slim Cera.

- The face oval and the neck: Massage gently from the inside to the outside as for a lifting massage.

- Can be used in the bath or shower, with or without soap.

- Does not require any electrical appliance, liquid or gel.

Use on the body :

- The cleavage: Delicately roll Slim Cera from left to right, from the chest to the area between the clavicles.

- Underarms: You can massage gently from right to left or from top to bottom.

- The fingers and the back of the hand: The hands are often exposed to the sun, you can massage along the fingers and across the hand.

- The calves: You can massage from right to left or from top to bottom. You can also use Slim Cera on each side of the Achilles heel and around the ankle.

- Shoulders and neck: Gently massage the shoulders and neck in the direction that seems most comfortable. Slim Cera will help you relax your strained shoulders.


Daily care

Slim Cera is made from stainless steel and will not rust when washed.

Wash with lukewarm water when necessary, 60 ° max.

Lotions, creams, oils can be removed with the use of soap and a toothbrush.

Do not use detergent or bleach.

It is designed to last for many years.

Bijo's tips

- Use Slim Cera after applying your mask, the active ingredients will penetrate deeper
- Place your Slim Cera in the refrigerator to use fresh in the morning
- If your face swells at altitude, take it on the plane to promote blood circulation.

Customer Reviews

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Améliore effectivement la texture de la peau, qui devient très rapidement beaucoup plus douce. Le teint est plus net. Il me semble aussi constater un effet sur les rides du lion et les sillons nasogéniens, à confirmer. Par contre, pas (encore?) d’effet sur l‘ovale du visage.
En conclusion, je suis satisfaite de ce produit, je le recommande.

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