Integral eyelash curler


This integral eyelash curler curls eyelashes in a natural and elegant arc of circle.

It gently raises the eyelid to grab the eyelashes closer to the root.

Thanks to its compact design, it takes very little space in a kit. The handle is easily activated to provide the perfect pressure to durably curl eyelash without pinching or pulling them.


Main and Leverage: Polycarbonate
Central part: ABS resin
Elastic band: silicone rubber


70 × 41 × 18mm

More information

Provided with an alternative pad.

Made in Japan.

Usage tips
Before any use of mascara or the laying of cilia.

Step 1
Raise the lever at the back of the eyelash.

Step 2
Keep your eyes open and approach the eyelashes of your eyelid with an angle of 45 °.

Step 3

Seize cilia as close as possible to the root.

Step 4 
Let the lever and grasp the whole of the cilia.

Step 5
To advance the cilia by stages of the birth of the cilium at its end and raise the cilia.

Customer Reviews

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Nicole A.
Parfait !

Résultat naturel, hyper facile d’emploi, peu encombrant… parfait !

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