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Nami anti-friction detangling comb in black chrome.

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The anti-static chrome plating of LOVE CHROME combs reduces 70% of contact friction. In addition, it absorbs and diffuses static electricity to provide natural, resistant and silky hair.

This premium black model is made with innovative craftsmanship using only the most carefully selected and finest materials.

Each comb is hand finished in Japan.

The meaning of NAMI in Japanese is “wave”. This name was chosen because of the similarly wave shape design that allows an even smoother, simpler and less resistant method for untangling hair.

Comb body: Featherweight ABS resin
Coating: JP CHROME TECH - unique antistatic chrome plating that reduces static friction and the appearance of bacteria on the surface of the comb.

Tips for use

First, use the "wave" side to untangle your hair. Start by combing the tips before gradually reassembling.

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